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The Biggest HVAC Myths—Myth #2: You Can Maintain Your Heating and Air Unit for only $99 a Year!


I write about HVAC maintenance ­a lot on my blog. And there’s a good reason for that—in fact, I’ve given 8 Great Reasons in the past. But the short version is that regular HVAC maintenance is simply the best way to receive a long service life from your comfort system along with money-saving performance. You should absolutely sign up for a regular maintenance program with an HVAC contractor.

But make sure that the maintenance contract is actually worth something! Low offers for maintenance almost always mean low quality as well. A contractor who claims they can deliver annual HVAC maintenance for $99 is going to deliver you substandard work. It’s similar to the “$49 Tune-Up” and “Cheaper Install” offer, where you pretty much get what you pay for… not much.

What Makes MK Russell & Abbot Different

To explain exactly why a $99 offer for maintenance is suspicious, I’ll tell you a bit of what goes into the full service maintenance that our technicians perform. It takes one of our experienced professionals about 45 minutes to do a complete and thorough check of a residential HVAC system. Under our maintenance contract, our technicians will do this twice a year for your system (spring and fall). The technicians will use expensive equipment to certify that your system is running safely, such as a special combustion analysis tool on a natural gas system. This tool is the only way to ensure safe operation, and it costs about $2,000. Any contractor who claims they can do the equivalent of all this work for less than a hundred bucks a year… well, that means they’re taking some mighty big shortcuts. You don’t want shortcuts when it comes to your home comfort and safety!

Through our Comfort Club, we offer two precision tune-ups, professional cleanings, and safety inspections per year, starting at just $14 per month. We’re thorough and use the best tools, and we’ve left thousands of customers with valuable peace of mind.

Stay cool,