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Heating and Air Myth #4: You Are Guaranteed (pick a percentage) Savings With The Installation of A New HVAC Unit


Be very suspicious of this kind of claim. Any contractor who guarantees a certain percentage of energy savings with the purchase of a new unit is giving you (at best) an estimated guess. He might as well be pulling a number from a Magic Ball. There are so many variables that determine how much it will cost a homeowner to operate an HVAC system that such a generalized claim is worthless. Consumers should view this offer with skepticism similar to that which they might have with a “guaranteed” weight loss product.

The MK Russell and Abbott Difference

Currently, energy savings from equipment manufacturers are based on a national average–including the coldest climates and the hot spots in the continental United States. After Jan. 1, 2015, manufacturers must offer estimated energy saving based on REGIONAL data. This will provide a truer picture of what the equipment is capable of. Additionally, MK Russell & Abbott will provide an individual assessment for specific equipment in YOUR home, factoring in location, direction of the sun, system design, insulation quantity and quality, age and style of dwelling and the lifestyle of the people who live in your home. Only after that can a series of mathematical calculations determine appropriate equipment for your home and recommendations for increased efficiency.