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Myth #3: You Must Replace Your HVAC System Every 10 Years.


This is an outright lie. Some poorly installed and maintained systems require replacement within five years of installation; other 25-year-old systems that have been properly cared for are running like new. There’s no reason to get a new HVAC system at the 10-year mark, unless there is a specific reason. 

The MK Russell & Abbott Difference

MK Russell and Abbott is one of the few Trane Certified Comfort Specialists in our area.  We have been installing new heating and air units and performing HVAC repairs in Maryville and the surrounding area since 1977.  Here are some things that we keep in mind when we evaluate your home’s heating and air conditioning needs. Equipment performance and longevity sit on a three-legged stool. The first leg is choosing the right equipment for your needs, and our salesman can help you determine what that is. The second leg is that the design (ducting, air fl ow, capacity etc.) must be figured mathematically then properly executed. It’s much, much more complicated than having someone eyeball your house and say “I reckon you need about a 3-ton unit.” The third leg is having the right team install the system as designed. Our installers care about the quality of their work. They are respectful of your home. At MK Russell & Abbott, we’re detailed people who are dedicated to getting the job done right, every time.