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The Biggest HVAC Myth—Myth #3: You Must Replace Your HVAC System Every 10 Years


Hello everyone, I’m back this week to look at another of the AC and heating myths that is unfortunately common. This is partially because the Internet makes it easy to spread around false information and makes it sound like it’s coming from an authority. It’s also partially because some disreputable HVAC “professionals” (I wish I could put “professionals” in a million quote marks) use these myths as ways to make customers pay more while receiving less.

At MK Russell & Abbott, we take pride in our honesty and quality service. We’re not just another heating and air conditioning company… we’re a part of the local community! Plus, I am an authority when it comes to HVAC, because I’ve learned from the best. So here’s the truth about how often you need to replace your HVAC system.

“You Must Replace an HVAC System Every 10 Years”

No. No! I’m not even going to try to be nice about this one: this is an out-and-out lie. If an HVAC system was poorly installed and maintained, then it’s possible that the system may need to be replaced after a mere 5 years. But if you hired professionals to size and install the system initially, and you keep up with regular maintenance, you can end up with a 25-year-old system that’s running as if it were just put in. You don’t need to replace the HVAC system every 10 years unless there is something specifically wrong with it. If you have a system that is 10 years old or more and you suspect that it may need a replacement, contact our team and let us give you an honest, professional opinion about it.

If you decide to replace your HVAC system based on our recommendation, you can trust that we’ll help you find the right installation. We don’t just make a guess about the system, we’ll figure out mathematically the best type, size, and design for your needs.