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8 Great Reasons Planned Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is Smart: Reason #6—It Increases Safety


Many of my canine brothers and sisters out there in the world are service dogs: they help human stay safe every day. Some of them work as seeing eye-dogs to assist people with impaired vision, while others work with the fire department and the police department.

I’m not exactly a service dog (although I help with the marketing when I can). But I want to do my part to help people in my neighborhood remain safe throughout the year. That’s why I want to draw special attention to the next reason why you should always schedule planned preventive maintenance for your HVAC system…

Reason #6: It Increases Safety

What kind of fuel source do you use to run your heating system? Chances are good that you use natural gas (a very cost-effective energy source) or propane. Now there’s no reason you should switch from using either. But you need to be aware that carbon monoxide leaks and explosion hazards are possible if something goes wrong one of these heating systems. You can reduce the potential danger of both down to almost nothing if you have HVAC professionals come every year to inspect the heater to see it has tight connections and doesn’t need to have a replacement. You know when we talked about peace of mind last week? This is the best kind of peace of mind: not worrying about your family’s safety.

“But wait, Olive,” you’re thinking right now. “What about the air conditioning? That can’t be dangerous, can it?” Well, not the same way that a badly-maintained gas furnace could be. But the heavy vibrations from an AC system might cause it to tear loose and start rattling around in your attic, crawlspace, or elsewhere—and that can add up to danger. Also, any electrical system poses some potential danger of starting an electrical fire. Keeping your AC well-maintained is safety-smart as well.

So take my advice: call MK Russell & Abbott today and ask about joining the Comfort Club! We offer Maryville, TN and the surrounding areas all the great benefits of regular maintenance.