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8 Great Reasons Planned Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is Smart: Reason #5—It Provides Peace of Mind


Here’s something I know for certain about human behavior: you often envy us dogs. Why? Because there are times when we can just lay on the kitchen floor (or on the couch, if we’re allowed) and simply sleep or just do nothing and nothing and more nothing. Now that is what you call peace of mind! It’s wonderful, and we dogs love it. And we’d like for you to experience this level of relaxation as well. Yes, we know you can’t just lie down on the kitchen floor whenever you feel like it and ignore all those “people problems” that make life so hectic—although you’re always allowed on the couch, that’s nice—but there are ways for you to enjoy peace of mind about certain things in life.

That brings me to my next reason why arranging for planned preventive maintenance for your HVAC system is so smart…

Reason #5: It Provides Peace of Mind

It’s no fun to worry that your air conditioner is going to give out on you during the hottest days of the year. And it’s even less fun to imagine your heater failing when the temperature outdoors is plummeting. If your AC and heater do not receive regular care from a professional HVAC technician, they will be at a significantly higher risk of failing on you right as you need them.

It’s just the same as with a car: would you want to take off on a long road trip with a car that hasn’t received service recently? You’d be a nervous wreck for most the trip, and even me hanging my head out the window and panting adorably wouldn’t make you feel better. When your home starts its “road trip” through summer or winter, make sure that you have comfort systems you can rely on. That way you can simply relax and enjoy genuine peace of mind.

So stop sleeping on the kitchen floor (I know that it’s very cool and relaxing) and call MK Russell & Abbott in Maryville, TN to sign up for our Comfort Club! At least you can enjoy a portion of the carefree life that we canines have.

Oh, and now that you’re up, go get my leash. I want to go for a walk.