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You Need to Include Your HVAC System in Your Fall “Cleaning”!


I’m not certain why people put so much attachment to the idea that spring cleaning is the most important cleaning that you do all year. I think that fall cleaning is just as important… I mean, look at all the leaves all over the ground! Those definitely need to be swept up (after I’ve jumped around in them).

But it’s not just leaves: I found some lists that people have written about all the fall cleaning that you should do for your home: dust hard surfaces, steam-clean area rugs, clear out the freezer, clean outdoor furniture, and plenty more.

But there was something missing from most of those lists: have the HVAC system checked. This is the most important bit of “cleaning” you can take care of during autumn, because where other fall cleaning will help you have a more pleasant-looking indoors (and cleaner places for your dogs to lie down), having the HVAC system inspected and tuned-up will see that you have a more comfortable indoors. You can probably stand to have dusty windows for a few days during the winter… but a broken-down heater, that’s something entirely different.

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Here’s the great thing about caring for your home’s HVAC system during the fall: you don’t actually have to do it yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t! This is a job for professionals only. The work requires special equipment and training. Technicians will examine your HVAC system to find places where it needs adjustments, replacements, and cleanings.

For example, our technicians at MK Russell & Abbott have a special procedure they go through whenever they come to the house of one of our Comfort Club members for a fall tune-up. They take care of things like monitoring the voltage and amperage draw on all motors, inspecting heat exchangers, adjusting gas pressure, tightening any loose electrical connections, cleaning condenser coils if necessary, inspecting the blower components, lubricating moving parts, and a whole lot more.

Call us today and ask to sign up for the Comfort Club. We’ll get you started with your fall HVAC maintenance—and we’ll be there in the spring as well to help get you ready for summer.

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