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8 Great Reasons Planned Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is Smart: Rea-son #8—It’s Not a DIY Project


Wow, I can’t believe I’ve already reached Reason #8 on my list of the 8 reasons you should arrange for preventive maintenance for your home’s HVAC system. When I started doing this, I thought it would take at least two months to finish! But it’s only taken 8 weeks! (Or maybe longer… I’m a dog and count time differently than people do.)

Anyway, on to the last reason you should give the team at MK Russell & Abbott a call and sign up for our maintenance plan:

Reason #7: It’s Not a DIY Project—Just Ask Our Technicians

Obviously, I can’t fiddle around with a heating system or an air conditioner and expect to get results. I don’t have thumbs! But just because you have thumbs doesn’t mean you can do something like maintain an AC or a furnace either. One of the most common reasons that home comfort systems receive damage is because homeowners try to “patch” the system on their own, or they call on people who make promises but aren’t licensed and lack the experience of certified professionals. Going DIY or amateur will not save money! Instead, it creates more expensive repair problems in the future.

If you call on skilled HVAC maintenance technicians, you’ll have the maintenance done correctly—and that’s a much cheaper alternative than breaking the system through inexperienced tampering. Our technicians labored hard to train for this job, and they all earned licenses and certifications to work on the equipment that keeps your home and your pets comfortable. Plus, they have the best tools! When you have people like this looking after your equipment each year, you’ll get rid of all the guesswork.

So there are your 8 reasons to schedule preventive HVAC maintenance. It’s already the fall, so why not get started now with an inspection for your heating system? After you take me for a walk.

Call up MK Russell & Abbott to sign up for our Comfort Club. We serve Alcoa, TN and all the Maryville area.