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Olive Investigates Allergies in East Tennessee! (And Offers Solutions)


Here’s something that I don’t often admit: it’s difficult for me to see things on a computer screen. Dog-vision simply doesn’t that well to any sort of TV or monitor. So I’m an old-fashioned “black ink on white paper” sort of girl, and it’s easy to curl up on the couch with a newspaper under my head and read all the local goings-on between naps.

It was a few days ago, while reading a current newspaper, that I learned something alarming: the East Tennessee region ranks in the top 10 allergy areas in the country! In fact, three Tennessee cities made the list of “Asthma Capitals” from a study by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America—with Knoxville, the region’s largest city, parked at #7. Yikes!

I usually think of allergies as, “Are you allergic to me?” But these are allergies from all sorts of pollen and other particles that get in the air in general. You don’t have to be near a dog or a cat to suffer from these sniffles and worse troubles—they can be anywhere! Thankfully, there are ways to make allergies easier to handler in your home, and the team here at MK Russell & Abbott has them!

Look into installing whole-house air purifier

Air purifiers are electronically-powered devices that target many of the allergens that might float through your air. Although you can purchase portable air purifiers, if you really want to combat allergy problems in the home you must have a professional install a whole-house air purifier into your HVAC system. This way, all the air that circulates through the house will receive purification power. A professional installer will see that you have the right set of purifiers and filters to do the job necessary, since each home has unique needs when it comes to the pollutants suspended in its air.

And… okay, I have to fess up… these air purifiers are helpful if you have a dog (or if you insist on having a cat). They can reduce our skin dander in the air, and that’s relief for people with even slight allergies. You can’t stop a dog from shedding—unless it’s a poodle—but you can make shedding easier on everyone with the right air purifier.

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