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Be Sure to Get Your Furnace Winter-Ready!


Ahhh what a summer it was! Filled with walks at the park, and just as fun cool air filled naps at home. I’ve been watching the leaves change color from my favorite spot on the porch, and have recently started to feel the air getting crisper each day. The squirrels are running about getting their homes ready for the upcoming winter, and this inspired me to tell you all about how my people get our home heating system winter ready to ensure cozy warmth all winter long.

Check and clean your vents to ensure the cleanest comfort from your furnace.

Make sure all your vents are clean and clear. If your heating delivery system relies on vents to deliver air into rooms, it’s easy to think of the vents as a less important part of the system. However, vents shouldn’t be blocked by furniture or anything that prevents airflow. They are also known to gather dust in less busy times, so unless you want a coating of hot dust when you first use it, give it a clean!

Change the filters before the cold weather gets here.

Your furnace relies on a good filter to prevent dust, mold and other junk that may have accumulated from being delivered into your home. It is usually at the front of your furnace or somewhere near the bottom. Some of them are reusable, others are disposable. Be sure to clean or replace it before turning your furnace on this season. For the allergy prone, it is recommended to clean or replace your filter monthly through the cold season.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector to make for added security for your HVAC system.

Because furnaces are a main cause of toxic CO home leaks, it is vital to have a carbon monoxide detector close to your furnace. It could mean the difference between life and death. CO is denser than air, so it hovers at the bottom. So because a lot of furnaces are located in the basement (A Christmas Story, anyone?), it could take a while for a slow leak to set off a detector in main living areas, which could be fatal. Already took care of it? Make sure to test it!

Get a Professional Cleaning and Inspection for your Heating and Air System

If it’s been a while since your last check up, its a great time to give my people at MK Russell Heating and Air a call. Get your furnace and heating system ready for winter today, and when the cold air finally hits, you’ll be assured that your family is breathing cozy clean air.