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Here’s What Not to Do if Your AC Breaks


The heat is approaching! We’re going to start seeing the spikes in warm and humid weather strike in May, and it’s time for your air conditioner to earn its keep. That also means it’s time for our great team here to support you when you’ve got an AC emergency. We’re still on the job because we know how vital it is for our clients to have working cooling systems during humid Tennessee days.

In my time as a blogger dog, I’ve heard about plenty of homeowners who make big mistakes when their AC breaks down on them. It’s understandable, but also preventable. Below I’ve listed some things I want you not to do when you’ve got major AC trouble in the coming weeks.

Don’t panic!

This feels like good advice in general, and I ought to know since plenty of dogs panic whenever they hear a loud noise. I’ve gotten used to these surprises, so I don’t budge and do something silly. And “doing something” silly is what may happen when you have a busted air conditioner. I’ll get into some of those silly things below, but know right now that help is available, and when you work with us, we will have the problem fixed. So stay calm and call us for air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN.

Don’t start banging on the air conditioner

I wish I didn’t have to point this out, but people still have an idea stuck in their head from watching movies and TV shows that taking a few whacks at a malfunctioning piece of equipment will somehow get it to jump back to life. It won’t, and you’ll only damage the AC if you do.

Don’t call the first “repair” person you think of

In other words, don’t rush to hire someone to fix your air conditioner without considering if they’re professionals who can get the job done. If you rush to someone offering a super-cheap price, you’ll get super-cheap service. What you want most from an HVAC contractor at this moment is skill and reliability. You’re already ahead on this advice since you’ve landed on a page of a trusted contactor with decades of history serving the area.

Don’t try some DIY repair trick

Trying do-it-yourself tactics to repair an air conditioner is never a good idea. When you’ve got a broken AC emergency, DIY work only delays getting the problem actually fixed and increases the chance of worse problems starting. So don’t attempt to put more refrigerant into the AC and don’t start putting duct tape on things you think might be broken.

Don’t open up the windows and doors

You may want to go outside your house for a stretch and sit on the porch or out on the lawn to help keep cool while we’re on our way to help. But opening up the windows and doors to the house is not an alternative to keeping cool—it simply lets heat move indoors faster. It’s better to keep the house closed up, with the curtains drawn and shutters closed, and instead rely on fans to help you feel more comfortable.

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Stay cool,