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Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

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Spring is here, and you know what that means—it's time for playing fetch outside and spring cleaning! Everyone knows to vacuum up crumbs, wipe their counters down and organize their house, but many people forget about cleaning their air ducts and shampooing the carpets, which can impact your home's indoor air quality.

This guide will help you with everything you need to know about spring cleaning, from the basics, like cleaning the dog beds to deep-cleaning tasks. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Start with the Basics Before you begin any deep-cleaning tasks, starting with the basics is important. This includes dusting, sweeping, wiping down surfaces, and mopping. In addition to common chores, it's also a good idea to take a look at all of your appliances and give them a thorough cleaning as well. This includes washing any removable parts in hot soapy water or running them through the dishwasher if they're safe. If you leave the oven open, I’m sure your furry friend will help to lick it clean. You should also wipe down the outside of your appliances with an all-purpose cleaner or vinegar solution.

Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters are also a crucial part of your HVAC system, responsible for trapping dust, pollen, dander from your pets, and other airborne particles before they circulate throughout your home. Over time, these particles can accumulate and cause your filter to become clogged, reducing airflow and air quality, and making your HVAC system work harder. To ensure optimal performance, changing your air filters every month is recommended.

Consider Installing an Air Purifier or Professional Media Filter

While changing air filters is a simple task that can significantly improve indoor air quality, some homeowners may benefit from additional air purification. Standalone air purifiers installed in the HVAC system can greatly enhance the filtration of airborne particles, including allergens, bacteria, and mold spores. If you or your family members have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, consider investing in a high-quality air purifier or media filter to maintain a healthier living environment.

Clean Around Your Outside HVAC Unit

Your outdoor air conditioning unit is designed to accommodate substantial air flow to dissipate heat and operate efficiently. In order to maintain that performance, it's essential to clear away any debris, leaves, branches, or other clutter that may have accumulated around the unit during Fall and Winter months. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to tackle this task! Remove debris and trim back any overgrown vegetation, creating at least a two-foot clearance around the unit to allow for proper airflow. Doing so will ensure your AC system is ready to cool your home effectively in the warmer months ahead. While trimming back the excess branches, you might even find a few tennis balls or dog toys, an added benefit to the process!

Clean Your Carpets

Shampooing your carpets once or twice a year is essential for keeping them looking their best while also removing dust, dirt, and other allergens. Before you begin shampooing, vacuum up any loose dirt and debris from the carpet first. Then use a carpet shampooer according to its instructions. Afterward, use a wet vacuuming method to remove as much moisture as possible from within the carpet's fibers before allowing it to dry completely.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts are responsible for circulating the air in your home; they also tend to trap dust, dirt, and other debris, which is then circulated throughout your home every time your HVAC system turns on. They should be thoroughly cleaned every few years to prevent dust buildup and improve air quality. To clean your air ducts, we recommend you leave it to the professionals.

Clean Your Window Screens

Window screens are designed to keep bugs out while letting light in—but they can get very dirty over time! This means that whenever you open the windows to let fresh air in, you also let the dirt and debris from the screens into your home. To ensure that they remain free of dirt and grime:

  1. Remove them from their frames and lay them flat on an open surface outdoors.

  2. Use a garden hose set on low pressure or mix some mild dish detergent with warm water in a spray bottle for spot-cleaning difficult areas.

  3. Use a soft-bristled brush or rag for scrubbing away any dirt or debris stuck on your window screens before rinsing them off completely with cold water and letting them dry naturally in direct sunlight.

Clean the Dog Toys

And don't forget about your furry friends during your cleaning spree! Toss all of the plush toys in the washing machine and give the harder toys a good soak to ensure they're fresh and clean for the year ahead.

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be overwhelming! Following these simple steps ensures that your home remains clean throughout the season and beyond. Regularly cleaning your air ducts, carpets, window screens, and ceiling fan blades will help keep allergens at bay while keeping dust levels low so you can enjoy breathing easier this spring! Happy cleaning! If you need assistance or want to learn more about our services, visit our website or give us a call at Russell & Abbott Heating and Cooling!

Keep it clean!

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