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Olive Answers Questions About AC Installation

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Late spring is air conditioning installation season! If you’ve been thinking about getting a new AC to replace the old, tired one in your house, now is the best time to get started—that way you can switch on the new air conditioning system and get a great flow of cool air around your home in time for our hottest and most humid Tennessee days!

It sounds like I’m making it seem so simple. And you know, it kind of is—at least when you leave the work to our awesome team. But you’ve got questions, so I’m going to put on my “Professor Olive” cap and give you the best answers I can. (The only reason I can’t give the best answer is because that answer depends on your particular situation. When you call our team about air conditioning in Knoxville, TN, they can give you those details.)

“Is my current air conditioner really too old for another year?”

I’ve written before about how disreputable “AC technicians” will claim you need a new air conditioner every ten years. It’s just not true, although it’s certainly possible to have one run down in that time. Once an air conditioner is over 15 years old, then it’s time to consider a replacement—especially if you’re paying more to run it.

“Can I do the installation myself?”

No. Absolutely not. Please don’t consider this. An amateur installation puts your investment in many years of cooling at an unacceptable risk. Poor cooling, high bills, constant breakdowns—and you’ll also void the warranty! Save yourself time, money, and headaches, and have our professionals do the job right.

“How big an AC should I get?”

You’re thinking that you want some real power out of your air conditioner, like the best engine for a racing car. And you’re willing to spend the money on that super-charged air conditioner. But… that’s not how air conditioners work. Too large a system for the space it needs to cool will lead to an inefficient system that will wear down years too early. To find out the ideal size of AC, our experts will perform a special load calculation that will get it just right. Trust us, we’re the best and thorough folks around when it comes to load calculations!

“Should I get [special feature] with my air conditioner?”

Air conditioning systems can come with plenty of special features to improve performance and efficiency. Same with the thermostats installed with them. However, I always caution people not to get distracted with all the bells and whistles, or any promise that an air conditioner will save you “x amount” of dollars. These features may not benefit your household specifically, nor can they guarantee savings. Our technicians can help guide you toward an AC that has features you actually want, rather than one that costs more than the benefits you’ll get from it.

Do you have more questions? We’ve always got answers. Honest answers! It’s why the community trusts us. Let us help you keep cool this summer and the many summers to come.

Stay cool,