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You Get What You Pay For; Or, Beware “Chuck in a Truck”

tools on the AC

Have you ever met Chuck in a Truck? No, it’s not some new band that’s touring the area. It’s not a name for some a fancy brand of dog food. “Chuck in a Truck” is what we HVAC blogger dogs (as well as other professional HVAC service folk) call those non-licensed so-called repair guys who come crawling out in spring when they hear air conditioners come on. They offer to fix faulty ACs at super cheap prices. Plenty of homeowners look at the lowball offer, think about how stuffy and unpleasant their home is, and then agree to let Chuck in a Truck do the work.

The results? Yeah, they’re not good.

I can speak with some authority on this, because the staff here at Russell & Abbott is often doing clean-up after Chuck in the Truck “fixes” something. Chuck in the Truck’s motto should be: “When We Fix Something, It Stays Broken!” Or: “AC Not Working? Let Us Help It Not Work in a Different Way!” A non-licensed worker usually has only the rudiments of handling basic air conditioning problems, and often has a bad work ethic to go along with it. Chuck in the Truck doesn’t want your AC fixed, he just wants the money.

Quality Repairs Are Worth the Price

Yes, it costs more to hire our professionals to handle repair work for your air conditioner. But this isn’t an additional cost. It’s the price of actually getting the work done right. It costs much less to have an air conditioner unit fixed right the first time than to have someone mess it up and require our technicians to come in and save the day.

I’ve heard plenty of stories while lying on the office couch from our technicians about the weird problems they’ve found in ACs that Chuck in a Truck left behind. Here’s the real cost of going with a cheap offer: shoddy workmanship that makes for more problems and more work.

Please don’t feel bad if you’ve hired a Chuck in the Truck before. Chuck is good at the high-pressure sale and the slick talk of promises: he could sell a cat on a cold shower. But now that you understand the costs of what Chuck does—or doesn’t do—you know that you can call our team and have the quality work done. Fixes that stick! If you have a problem with your AC because Chuck threw a monkey wrench into the works (for all I know, that may be literally what happened!), we’re more than glad to straighten it all out and give you back your cool house.

We offer the AC repair in Farragut, TN that gets the job done, and gets it done right. We’re not looking to slip by. The quality of our work reflects on us, and we always want to do right by our customers.

Stay cool and watch out for Chuck,


(P.S. My apologies to anybody named “Chuck” who isn’t trying to scam people with bad AC jobs. Especially if you also own a truck.)