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Ways to Get the Coolest Cooling from Your AC

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Summer time, wooo! Okay, actually it’s spring time—and the weather isn’t yet at the point where I can start quoting great song lyrics about summer warmth. (Also, I checked: quoting song lyrics is kind of a “no-no,” and I am very law abiding dog.) But, it is spring, and that means I can officially put on my “AC Expert” bandana and give you some advice on how to get your air conditioning system ready for warm weather so you’ll get the most out of it.

First—You do have a decent working air conditioner, right?

If you have an air conditioner that was giving you serious trouble last summer, or one that has cost you a paw and a foreleg to keep running, right now—before the heat arrives—is when you should schedule a new system installation. Our team is happy to check out your system during maintenance and give you honest answers about whether you need a replacement. Here’s a quick “Repair or Replace?” quiz to help you out.

Second—Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

This is the most important step. The service professionals who tune-up, inspect, and clean your air conditioner will help it work at top level throughout the cooling season. It means energy savings, improved cooling power, few chances of repairs, and less worry about a system breakdown. You’ll also get a longer service life from the AC as well. I’ve talked recently about how dirt is the #1 enemy of your HVAC system, and we’re offering a great deal on a tune-up that will take care of the problem.

Third—Clean up around the outdoor cabinet

Speaking of dirt: you’ll have a more productive air conditioner if you clean the outdoor cabinet and move away rocks and leaves and other obstructions from around it. Don’t blast a high pressure hose at the cabinet (you might bend the coils), you only need to give it a dousing on low pressure. The less dirt and obstructions on the cabinet, the easier it is for the AC to blow heat out of your home.

Fourth—Follow my guidelines for using the thermostat

When it’s finally time to keep your AC doing steady work, make sure that you don’t go crazy moving the settings on the thermostat up and down. “Oh, it’s hot, I’ll push it all the way down to the lowest setting and down to extremes is not good for the AC, and it won’t be good for your comfort, either. Go steady on a warmer setting during the day: I recommend 78°F. You want the indoor and outdoor temperatures to be as close to each other as comfort allows, since that slows down heat entering your home. You can save around 20% over the summer by doing this, and you won’t be switching between living in an icebox and a greenhouse.

We’re the folks to help you with your air conditioning in Knoxville, TN or elsewhere in our wide service area. We’ll install a new AC, tune-up your current one, repair any troubles, and give you the assistance necessary for the coolest spring and summer you’ve ever spent in your home.

Stay cool,