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Your Air Conditioning Warranty: Give It a Close Look

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A warranty is a warranty, right? It’s there to protect you if something goes wrong with your equipment from something that wasn’t your fault, like a manufacturing defect. So it’s not much more tricky than that … right?

Ah, my dear readers, it’s never that simple! Not all warranties are the same, and not all warranties are equal. When you’re considering a new air conditioning system installation, I recommend you give the warranty a really close look. Like, do a full bloodhound investigation on it. I’ve got a pretty sharp nose like all dogs, but even I have to admit, those bloodhounds are the best when it comes to finding the best. And I got a bloodhound friend of mine named Baskerville to help me out on this post: we looked over the warranties of nine other manufacturers and compared them to the Russell & Abbott Onyx Hardcore warranty. Here’s what we found!


This one was super easy. None of the other manufacturers have the same unlimited warranty as Onyx!

10 Years Unlimited – Parts to the Original Owner

Lennox is the same as Onyx, but none of the others are.

10 Years Unlimited – Parts to the Subsequent Owner

Some of the other dealers will add this on for an extra charge. With Onyx, it’s just part of the package.

10 Years with Maintenance – Labor to the Original Owner

Notice these patterns of “10.” That’s why our Onyx warranty is called the 10-10-10 Warranty! When we looked over this, it seemed like all other manufacturers either charged more for it, or it varied based on the dealer. (I also picked out that two don’t have the same deal at all, something Baskerville missed.)

10 Years Maintenance – Original Owner

Look, another “10”! Here’s one where you take a chance with any other dealer: you won’t know if you get this or not. With Onyx, it’s built right in!

We did a lot of other comparisons, such as a 12 year unlimited warranty on the compressor and a 5 years unlimited quality pledge. The Onyx warranty came up top each time. We think if you take a look at the warranty offer, it speaks for itself. But like good detectives we did want to show you the steps we took to solve the case. And we both agree that the Onyx 10-10-10 Warranty is GUILTY … of being one of the best warranties around to protect your investment in new air conditioning equipment!

Just call our team to find out more about installing air conditioning in Loudon, TN with an Onyx Hardcore Comfort Heating and Cooling system. These systems not only come with the exclusive 10-year warranty, guaranteed, but they’re specially designed—by us!—to handle the weather here in East Tennessee. The hot and humid weather is approaching soon, so now is the time to put in that new cooling system you’ve been planning on. If your unit is registered and it fails, it’s covered—no exceptions!

Stay cool,