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Spring Cleaning Starts with Your Air Conditioning System

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I recently revealed one of the big dirty secrets of air conditioning problems: DIRT. Yes, that truly is a dirty secret. This is why spring cleaning should include—well, really should begin—with taking care of your air conditioner. You’re going to be using your home’s AC plenty during the coming months, and it’s a serious problem if the air conditioner heads into the summer heat without proper care.

You’ll need our assistance with your air conditioner in Alcoa, TN for the best performance this spring and summer, but let’s take a look at what you can check with your AC before the major heat strikes.

Watch for debris around the outside cabinet

The majority of dirt that affects an air conditioner comes from outside. After all, that’s where most of the dirt is! But the outside cabinet of the air conditioner, i.e. the condenser, needs to have enough clearance for it to work adequately. If leaves, branches, and debris are gathered around it, that can be tough. (I recommend covering over the outside unit during the winter to prevent dirt from getting inside; if you didn’t do this last fall, keep it in mind for this fall.)

Change the air filter

This is the big step for keeping dust and lint from interfering with the air conditioner. The filter on the HVAC cabinet stops debris from getting through the return air vents. I strongly recommend using an Aprilaire whole-home media filter, which is both effective and doesn’t need to be changed often. However, the start of warm weather is the best time to check on the filter to see if its clogged up and needs to have a fresh one put in place.

Clean the vents

This is an easy cleaning job you can take care of on your own. The grills over both the return and supply vents in your home will collect dust over the winter. It’s not only unsightly; it also reduces airflow and can mean more dust blown around your house. And if you have a dog, I can guarantee that you have fur stuck on a few of the grills. (Sorry, we can’t help it!) Take a damp cloth and wash off the vent grills around the house.

Call for Your Maintenance Visit

The most important step of all for your “AC spring cleaning” is one that’s actually easy to do—because all it involves is contacting our Russell and Abbott HVAC experts and arranging for your annual spring tune-up and maintenance. Joining our Comfort Club ensures you’ll have the inspections and cleanings for your AC you need every year… as well as a similar service for your heating system when the fall comes around again. Our air conditioning maintenance service includes cleaning to get rid of the dirt that you won’t be able to remove on your own.

I’ve done my research on the benefits of regular spring AC maintenance, and they match with what the Department of Energy recommends: you’ll enjoy fewer surprise repairs and better energy efficiency when your air conditioner has maintenance from quality professionals. And quality professionals are the only kind of technicians we hire at Russell & Abbott!

Stay Cool,