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Buyer Beware: Low-Cost Services Are Often Bait-and-Switch!


I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to my food. I only receive breeder-recommended dog food that comes from pet stores. It’s not that I’m a snob about dog food (although wouldn’t it be okay if I were?). It’s that the healthiest dog food comes from specialty pet stores and not from the supermarket shelves. Yes, the food at the supermarket is less expensive… but there’s a reason for that. Most of this inexpensive food contains filler with less meat and less protein. You get what you pay for when it comes to food for your pets, and don’t your pets deserve nutrition that keeps them healthy and ensure they have long lives?

This applies to HVAC companies. No, you can’t get HVAC contractors at the grocery store (I’m not even sure what aisle that would be). But during the spring, many homeowners are swamped with offers for home improvements that might sound like great deals—but are often basically the equivalent of low-cost pet food.

The Truth behind Those “Great Deals”

Here’s the unpleasant truth: an inexpensive service call often ends in a “bait-and-switch.” Some of the companies that are heavily advertised in our area pay their licensed employees on commission… and that means, yep, you can bet they’ll find something wrong when they make a service call! They trust that customers won’t be familiar with how their ACs or heaters work and what all the little parts mean—it’s complicated stuff, after all—so they won’t question whether they really need the “discovered” repair or not. Or even, and this sometimes happens, the suggestion for a complete system replacement when it isn’t necessary.

How to Know You’re Receiving Quality

Always be cautious of any cold call offering services at low low prices. When you hire a contractor, ask for a photo ID, a state license number, proof of insurance, and any other required licensing and certifications. And that includes us! We don’t mind at all. We want our customers to know they can trust each of our technicians. You can also visit our reviews to see what our other customers are saying about our services. Your friends and neighbors give us 4.6 stars!

Professionalism is what we’re all about here at Russell & Abbott. When you hire us, you receive the best from people with extensive training and all the necessary licensing and certifications. We also have 40 years of experience working in the same community. We know the people here, we know how to treat them with respect, and we know they’ll come back to us if we deliver the best job possible. We’ll always be honest with you about repairs and replacements, and never attempt to sell you on a service you don’t need.

This spring and summer, if you’re looking for the finest in air conditioning services in Townsend, TN or the surrounding areas, or any other HVAC service, don’t go for the “off-the-shelf grocery store brand.” Go for local licensed professionals who watch out for your family and have the credentials and history to back up their work.