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Maintenance Contracts: Never a Penny Wasted!


I’ve got a message here, and it’s from the fall: it is time to get ready for cold weather ahead! Some of the technicians here suggested that for my next blog I write explaining our maintenance contract, which we call “Comfort Club Membership.” I tilted my head to show them I was more than glad to do it—although, to tell you the truth, I was already writing up some ideas on that topic. Maintenance is one of the most important jobs that we do, and I’ve  always got plenty to say about it!

There’s Never a Penny Wasted on HVAC Maintenance Contracts!

It’s important to keep your Comfort Club Membership up to date. These regular maintenance visits from our trained technicians help protect your heating and cooling systems from unexpected breakdowns. And those unexpected breakdowns mean unexpected costs. But the maintenance contract is more than that: not a penny that goes into keeping up Comfort Club Membership goes to waste. Here’s why:

You’ll stay much more comfortable

Maintaining a system does more than stop breakdowns. It also makes the system run at peak performance. Our technicians know what they’re doing (they are all certified, after all!), and when they pay their twice yearly visits to your house they’ll make sure your HVAC system keeps your family comfortable, no matter what the outdoor temperature is!

Your comfort system will enjoy a long, full life

If you have a dog or a cat, you’ll understand how important regular vet visits are to make sure your furry friend lives a long life. It’s the same with your heating and cooling system (although they aren’t as adorable as a dog—or a cat, I guess). Regular maintenance will see that your AC and heater make it through the weather extremes with the least amount of wear and tear. There’s a bonus as well: regular maintenance helps to ensure better indoor air quality to promote healthier living for you (and for your dog and your cat).

Special warning: if you do not properly maintain your system, it can invalidate your equipment warranty! You don’t want that.

Priority service for Comfort Club members

It gets busy here during the height of winter and summer. But our technicians will make you a priority when you belong to the comfort club!

Maintenance will help lower your bills

Here’s a way that you’ll get your penny’s worth each time your HVAC system comes on! For example, a heat pump or AC with a refrigerant leak can as much as double your monthly bills. Clogged filters can cause similar problems, and dirty outdoor coils or rusty furnace burners. These all make your HVAC system work harder than it should. But our technicians have the know-how to see that your equipment is working at peak efficiency. Our multi-point inspection will see to everything.

Our technicians are professionally trained and top-rated

Our customers voted us #1 in the Daily Times Readers Choice Awards for a reason. We really are #1! You can count on the certified and trained technicians to answer questions you might have regarding home comfort. And they’ll listen to you and respond to whatever you need. Like our ads say, “Just whistle, and we’ll come running!”

Want to learn more about Comfort Club Membership? Call our office at (865) 302-3221, or read more online at

Stay cool,