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A Salute to Labor Day and the Hard Work of the MKRA Team!


Ah, it’s September! My sensitive nose can sniff out the cooler breezes on air, feel the changes in the weather coming… and that means I’m almost ready to shift from “Olive the Air Conditioning Dog” to “Olive the Heating Dog.” However, I’ve decided to put off the seasonal switch for one more week, and instead reflect on Labor Day. It’s a holiday that doesn’t receive the attention it really deserves.

Why Do We Even Have Labor Day?

Labor Day has been a federal holiday since 1894. It is a celebration of the many contributions that the workers in the United States have made to the success of the country and the many luxuries that we enjoy. Luxuries like… well, indoor heating and air conditioning! (Labor Day is also a good way to have a great “end of summer party.”)

Recognizing the Hard Work Our Team Does

I consider myself a hard-working dog: not many of my canine brothers and sisters actually write for living, or keep up-to-date with the world of heating and cooling. But the work I do is only a fraction of all the labor that the HVAC team at MK Russell & Abbott handles around the year, from the high heat of mid-summer to the freezing cold of mid-winter.

Our technicians often have to put in long work hours in rough conditions to see that our customers can enjoy the comfort we know they deserve. Heating and air conditioning equipment isn’t usually located in convenient places, and that means our technicians are often crawling through attics that are superheated by the summer sun to a 130°F, or rummaging in tight, dirty crawlspaces in sub-freezing temperatures. It’s the nature of the job to work under often extreme conditions. After all, it’s during extreme weather when our customers need the help of our team members the most.

And through it all, not one of them complains! They understand that labor is all about helping the people, families, and the community. There’s not one of us who isn’t proud to put in long hours to see that our customers stay safe and comfortable in their own homes. And that’s the true spirit of Labor Day! (Although the parties are nice.)

Stay cool,