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Some Last Words on Summer and Air Conditioning Repair


Hello there, loyal readers! As I write this, it’s the final days of August. I’m getting prepared for Taste of Blount (aren’t you?) and looking over the upcoming schedule for our busy team here at MK Russell & Abbott. We’re about to enter into that all-important period of transition from summer to fall, from thinking about air conditioners to thinking about heaters. I’ve got a packed upcoming blog-writing calendar about the important cold weather prep you’ll need to arrange for your home.

But right now, it’s still pretty hot outside, so I have a few musings about summer’s end…

You thought I was going to break into poetry, didn’t you? Well, maybe some other time. Now, I’m thinking about your air conditioner and making sure that it survives the last hot days.

Air Conditioners Are in a Danger Zone Right Now!

That sounds a touch panicky, but I want to draw your attention to how much work your AC has already done this season. All that stress can leave your air conditioner panting—working harder than it should because it’s gone through a lot of wear and tear. You may notice malfunctions during these closing summer days, and it’s important that you don’t ignore them! You want your AC to end the season in the best shape possible so it’s always ready to get back to work. Call our expert technicians for air conditioning repairs whenever something seems wrong.

Some Repair Issues to Watch For

I’ve listed a few common air conditioner problems that can occur in the “danger zone”:

  • Dirty outdoor coil. If the condenser coil is covered with dirt, mulch, dust, grass, and various kinds of grime, it will keep the air conditioner too hot. This will make the AC’s job at cooling down the house much tougher.
  • Trouble with the motors. The work strain put on the motors in the AC can lead to them burning out. Listen for screeching sounds that indicate motor bearings are wearing down, and call our team to replace the bearings before the motor itself breaks.
  • Heavily clogged air filters. Don’t forget that you have to change the filter on a regular basis to keep your air conditioner from getting all “choked up” at drawing air through it. If you haven’t changed the filter yet this summer, do it now!

If you need other advice about shepherding your air conditioner through to the cooler weather, simply give our office a call!

Stay cool,