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The Biggest HVAC Myths—Myth #4: You’re Guaranteed (Pick a Percentage) Savings with the Installation of a New HVAC Unit


I’m back with another look at those HVAC myths that seem to be everywhere today. It’s getting to the point where you can’t type in some simple search terms like, “Where are the best dog parks?” and “Can I repair my chew toy on my own?” without getting getting highly suspicious claim about HVAC systems in your search results.

Here’s one of the most suspicious claims: “When you install this new HVAC system, you are guaranteed to save 20% [or 25% or 30% of 50% or 115%] in energy costs.” Always be wary of this type of claim (especially if it’s 115%, which isn’t even mathematically possible). It’s likely that the person making the claim just pulled this number off a roulette wheel, or maybe the last two digits of his social security number.

Why is this certainty so… uncertain?

There’s a good reason to feel wary of energy saving guarantees: too many factors come into play with an HVAC system for anyone to make a generalized claim of how much a customer will save. It’s better to think in terms of YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. A great deal depends on your home and the local climate—as well as the quality of the installation.

As of January 1, 2015, the energy savings estimates from HVAC equipment manufacturers are based on regional climate averages, rather than national averages. This offers a better sense of the energy efficiency of a system, but please keep in mind that the efficiency ratings such as SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) are still not a guarantee that you’ll save money. If you just rely on a high SEER rating, you’ll probably end up disappointed!

The best way to achieve energy savings with a new HVAC unit

When you’re ready to have a new HVAC unit installed, only go to professionals who offer you an individual assessment specific to your home. That means taking account of the amount of sun the house gets, the general temperature of the area, insulation levels, building age, the amount of people who live there… it’s a long list of criteria, but it’s vital that it’s done right. That’s what you’ll get when you contact MK Russell & Abbott. Our experts handle the complex mathematical calculations to find the right type of system that will maintain comfort and help improve efficiency in your home.

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