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8 Great Reasons Planned Preventive HVAC Maintenance Is Smart: Reason #4—It’s Environmentally Responsible


Going through the list I came up with for why you should schedule regular HVAC maintenance, I realized that #4 was going to be easy for me. Why? Well, it’s about something I understand very well: the environment. As a dog, I’m a bit closer to the environment than people are. For one thing, I’m just lower to the ground. You really get to know grass and flowers and bugs and dirt when your head is only two feet away from it when you’re simply walking around. (I can’t imagine how much better Dachshunds and Basset hounds must understand nature!) I also have a keen noise and sharp hearing, and that really brings in all of nature at once, the parts people often don’t notice.

So please trust that I’m something of a born expert when it comes to this reason for HVAC system:

Reason #3: It’s Environmentally Responsible

Using larger amounts of energy than necessary affects more than just your finances. It also affects the environment, since it places large strain on energy resources, most of which are limited. If you decide that you’d rather just allow your system to slowly fall apart, or you’re okay with letting it only work sporadically—well, that’s not okay with the world outside your walls. The people who put together your HVAC system had certain boundaries in mind for how it would operate, and once the system drops past those, it becomes extremely wasteful.

Saving energy each day is something that we all have to do. Cats have figured out the best way—by doing nothing—but the rest of us aren’t so lucky. When you protect the energy performance of your HVAC system with maintenance, you are helping invest in the environment. If everyone took such good care of their air conditioners and heaters, we could cut down on fossil fuel use significantly! Do your part… and get all the other benefits of regular maintenance!

To get started with regular maintenance is easy: just call on MK Russell & Abbott in Maryville, TN and ask about our Comfort Club. Tell them Olive sent you!