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We Have Ways to Solve Your IAQ Problems

IAQ Problem

In my last post, I wrote about indoor air quality problems you may have in your home during fall. But I know my readers don’t show up just to listen to me give them bad news. They’re looking for help from a smart dog who knows her heating and air conditioning. “I’ve got air quality issues, Olive, but what can you and the Russell & Abbott team do about them?”

Plenty, it turns out. And not just in the obvious ways—we understand that great indoor air quality in a house is connected to having a great HVAC system in prime shape. A few pricey gizmos that make big promises aren’t enough to turn around IAQ troubles. Let’s talk about real solutions!

“What about air cleaners?”

An air cleaner in Maryville, TN can help reduce harmful particles that circulate through the air. The problem is that many “air purifiers” you hear advertised don’t do that much. We’re always honest with you when it comes to what’s best for your house, so when we recommend the installation of an air cleaner, we’ll ensure you have one that makes a difference.

Most importantly, we’ll install the purifier so it can do the job it’s designed to—air cleaners must be integrated into the HVAC system so they work properly with a home’s ventilation system. We have a range of air cleaning systems and the skill necessary to see they do the job you need from them.

“How can I deal with air that’s too dry?”

The usual reaction to dry air, a common problem during winter, is to look around for a whole-house humidifier. Although we do install humidifiers, we recommend looking first into the source of the dry air in the house and correcting that before simply trying to pour water vapor into the air.

One common source of dry air is a furnace system that isn’t accurately sized for the house or an older furnace. A gas furnace doesn’t dry out the air as you may have heard, but it can allow for dry outside air to rapidly move indoors if the furnace is drawing on too much indoor air for combustion. If you have an old atmospheric combustion furnace, we recommend replacing it with a sealed combustion furnace. This can make a big difference in humidity levels.

“How can I control all the dust and dirt blowing around my house?”

If you haven’t scheduled heating maintenance yet for the year, there’s one of your answers! Cleaning your system in fall will not only help your heater work better for the season (and many other benefits), it will eliminate plenty of dust that can have built up on the heater.

Stay cool,