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Take Your AC Back to School—Find Out if You Need a New One

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I’ve gone to dog schools before, and although they usually don’t hand out report cards for canine training, I’m familiar with grading systems. And those grades and report cards are on my mind right now because it’s September and folks are heading back to school. So I came up with this idea … why not take your air conditioning system back to school?

No, I don’t mean to pack the AC into your car and drive it to Maryville High School. You can’t pick up a central AC anyway! What I mean is to give your air conditioning system a report card about its performance during the summer. If your air conditioner did poorly, it either needs repair work, or else it needs to retire. Figuring this out now, as the weather cools down in fall, provides you with a convenient period to arrange to have the AC fixed or replaced.

So How Are You Grading Your Air Conditioning System?

Just use the Standard “A to F” system you remember from school. An air conditioner that has given you no problems, keeps the house cool to your ideals, and isn’t costing more to operate than usual, deserves an “A.” The only reason to have concerns about an “A” air conditioner is if it’s more than 15 years old. It’s a good idea to check on a system at this age to make sure it can keep doing a good job.

If your AC had a repair issue this summer, has started to raise your electrical bills higher than normal, is making strange noises or behaving differently, than you’re looking at a grade of “B” or “C.” In either case, have one of our professionals inspect the system. It may need to be repaired, and you want repairs done ASAP, no matter the season. Leaving an air conditioner with a malfunction at the end of summer can mean the problem getting much worse!

For an AC that was giving you grief through the season—such as struggling to keep the home comfortable, blasting energy bills through the roof, or repeatedly malfunctioning, then a “D” is the right grade. An “F” means the system is in such bad shape that you know you need to replace it. I hope giving it an “F” will get you to call us right away to start arranging for a replacement! The “D” grade probably also means the system needs a replacement, although it may not be as immediately obvious to you. Always play it safe when it comes to doubts about your HVAC system’s performance—acting sooner means avoiding a major emergency later, as well as steeper bills and harsh inconveniences.

If you are thinking about getting a new air conditioning in Knoxville, TN based on the report card you gave your current one, the best place to start is to call us. Our technicians can help you determine if it’s indeed time for a new air conditioner and handle whatever work is necessary to ensure you have the best AC system possible.

Stay cool,