Watch Out for These Ac Scams From Non-professionals!


I always want to bring good news to people, because I’m one of those friendly dogs who loves to make folks happy. I’d love nothing better than to tell you all about the specials we offer and the way our team can help you enjoy better cooling in your house.

But I also have to bring bad news at times, because it helps my readers avoid bad news in the future. And the bad news I’ve got today is that not all people who work on air conditioners are as honest or as skilled as the Russell & Abbott team. In fact, there are plenty of non-pros out there who are running scams that aim to part people from their money and leave them with a bad air conditioning system.

I’ve put together a list of some of the scams you might run into. Remember, when you need real professionals who’ll give you honest work done right, just whistle and we’ll come running!

Pay Upfront, Cash Only

This is a huge flashing warning sign that somebody is out to get your money and not do any work. No reputable professional will ever ask for cash upfront before a job is done! I’d repeat that, but I think the italics do the job. A professional HVAC repair technician will provide an estimate, but not ask for payment upfront. Somebody who asks for payment first (and in cash) is trying to get away with something—like not doing the work promised. Or doing no work at all.

The Pushy Salesman

Air conditioning contractors will offer you options when it comes to new system installations, but real professionals won’t high-pressure you into something that you don’t need or which is out of your budget. If you come across a “technician” who pushes you on a repair without giving you the breathing space to ask for a second opinion, be cautious. Watch out for someone who uses scare tactics to get you to purchase an expensive service. And remember that anybody who makes a dollar amount guarantee about how much you’ll save if you buy a certain new high-efficiency replacement system is not someone to trust!

Any Service Plan From a Non-Professional

HVAC contractors offer service plans to help their customers take the best care of their heating and air conditioning systems. For example, we have our Comfort Club, which provides routine tune-ups and inspections for a home’s HVAC equipment each year. These service plans are absolutely worth the investment … unless they’re from a non-licensed contractor. A “service plan” from one of these folks is just a way to get money upfront without any follow-through. You may never hear from the contractor again after you’ve paid for the service plan.

Remember, true professionals will always provide you with paperwork and documentation for a service plan. Don’t take anybody’s verbal promise or handshake! Whether you’re signing up for a maintenance program or you need AC repair in Knoxville, TN, check to see that the people you’re working with have a license and are trusted in the community. Please, ask our technicians for their credentials! They don’t mind showing them to you—we’re proud of our professionalism and the service we provide.

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