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Olive’s Top Tips for Find a New Air Conditioning System

Onyx Unit

Are you already worrying about your Christmas shopping in October? There’s not much I can tell you that will help ease those worries—I know exactly how much a crunch these final three months of the year can be! However, I can help with an important bit of shopping you can take care of in October that can be a great gift to your family in the near future: a new air conditioning system.

“Wait … air conditioning? Olive, the cold weather is just coming up?”

Oh, I know! Everyone here at Russell & Abbott anticipates another busy winter season helping our customers keep warm. But right now, during the fall stretch of warm-to-cool weather, is the ideal lull time to upgrade parts of your HVAC system. If you think you need a new air conditioner, getting the work done now is convenient and lets you give extra time to think about your options.

And I have some expert tips about this! Because that’s my job:

Make sure it’s time to replace your old AC

The first question to ask yourself about installing a new air conditioner is if the old air conditioner does indeed need to go. I recently did a post about grading your AC’s performance through the previous summer, and this can help you out with making the choice to get a new AC.

Is the heater ready as well?

If your furnace is also getting near to the end of its service life (15 to 20 years), you can save time and money by scheduling our technicians to replace both at the same time. Furnaces and ACs are often installed together, so there’s a good chance your current AC and furnace are the same age.

Know how to emphasize energy savings

You may wish to have an air conditioning system that saves money on performance compared to your previous one. Because AC technology is continually improving, almost any newer AC you purchase will help save money on performance. But be cautious of the “SEER” trap! Simply purchasing an AC unit with high SEER doesn’t guarantee any savings. If you are interested in saving money with a new air conditioner, please work closely with our experts. They can find the right balance in installation costs and energy-saving performance.

The heat pump option

We offer fantastic ONYX heat pump split systems for our customers that are specially designed to work in our East Tennessee climate. A heat pump is both an AC and a heating system in a single unit, and this is an option to consider if you want to change your entire HVAC system this fall. We also offer fantastic ONYX gas/electric split systems that combine an electric air conditioner with a gas furnace, which is a good option if your home has a gas connection. All our ONYX units come with our 10-10-10 warranty.

Whatever type of HVAC system in Knoxville, TN, you are looking for this fall, our team can help you!

Stay cool,