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Fall Is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

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I just stuck my sensitive canine nose out the door to test the weather. Yep, it’s still pretty warm out there. But my nose can also sense the approaching change in the weather. It might not be obvious to your human noses yet, but you’ll soon see that change in color in the leaves. (I don’t have the best color vision, but my spectacular sense of smell and hearing really make up for it!)

So what’s this mean for your air conditioning, you want to know? I mean, if it’s soon going to cool down out here, why worry about it? First, it’s important to remember that AC repair in Knoxville, TN is still important as long as you’re running the AC. Second, we’ve got an offer at Russell & Abbott that makes this fall a fantastic time to upgrade your old AC system to something great.

Save on Our Onyx Equipment!

Here’s the lowdown:

Right now you can book your installation of our Onyx equipment and save up to $500 on qualifying systems!

Onyx is our line of air conditioning and heating equipment designed especially for the conditions here in East Tennessee. We not only offer great air conditioning systems, but many Onyx units provide heating ­and cooling. If you’re also considering putting in a new heater before the cold weather arrives, then it’s a great idea to have an Onyx heat pump or gas/electric split system or packaged system installed. Onyx units are not only reliable, durable, and flexible, but they come with our fantastic 10-10-10 warranty. (That’s 10 years all Parts, 10 years labor, 10 years maintenance—GUARANTEED.)

But Speaking of the Air Conditioner…

Big news out of the way, I want to address the specific concerns about air conditioning systems. Your AC just went through a rough summer. No matter how well you maintain it and keep up with repairs, your home’s air conditioner is going to wear down and eventually will develop trouble. Most air conditioners have 10-year warranties and can last from 10 to 15 years on average. If your current system is older than 10 years, I’d recommend you look into a replacement so you can start saving energy and have a more reliable system.

And aside from our current Onyx offer, there’s a good reason to schedule installation in the fall: you can take advantage of the availability of our technicians! Fall is one of the “slower” times of the year for us—fewer air conditioning repair emergencies, almost no heating repair emergencies. It’s an excellent time for us to help customers prepare for the more intense seasons with maintenance and installing new systems. We would love to help you pick out the right new air conditioner (or heater) to meet your needs without any rush. It’s important to us to always deliver the best possible service, and fall is a terrific time to find out how great our services can be!

Stay cool,