The End of Summer Is No Excuse to Skip AC Repairs!

dog in front of fan

Are those “dog days of summer” over yet? I’ll have to check on the constellations, I guess, but my sensitive nose can tell we’re heading toward the change of seasons. The official start of fall is a bit over a week away as I write this, and you’ll soon be hearing plenty from me about how you can best get ready for another cold season here in Tennessee.

But… we still have to talk about your air conditioning a bit. It still needs some TLC (technician loving care) at the end of the summer. It’s easy to slip into the mindset that, since the air conditioner is soon to go on its long winter vacation, it’s fine to just “crank it up and forget about it.” And if something starts to go wrong with it, “Ah, whatever, we’ll fix it in spring.”

I hope you can tell from my sarcastic tone (if that’s coming through; I can never quite tell if you humans get my canine humor) that this isn’t how you should treat your air conditioner when summer is starting to shut down. If you notice problems with your AC, call us right away to have them repaired! There are some good reasons you don’t want these issues lingering even with cooler weather ahead.

You’re risking a sudden breakdown in an emergency cooling situation

Weather can be unpredictable in the fall—we might have a sudden heat wave in October. If you’ve left your AC clacking away with something busted inside it, there’s a strong chance it will fail on you when the heat waves arrive. You can always call us for repairs… but wouldn’t you rather not be stuck in this type of emergency to begin with?

You’re setting yourself up for more expensive repairs

Any problem in an AC that isn’t fixed is likely to worsen and start to affect other systems. Air conditioners are complex machines! When you let an issue like a refrigerant leak go without repairs, you may soon end up with multiple parts that need repairs. What was supposed to be an easy leak fix may end up becoming an expensive repair to the compressor.

The AC will waste money as it runs

This is part of that “complex machine” thing. When an air conditioner has a part that isn’t working right, or it’s collected immense amounts of dirt and dust, it will have to work harder in general to run. That means draining more electricity, and that means higher utility bills. Running an air conditioner for this last month or so you need it (not even counting emergencies) without getting proper repairs is just throwing money away.

You’re probably shortening the AC’s lifespan

The more strain put on an air conditioner, the faster it will wear down. Regular maintenance will help an air conditioner last for as long as possible, but there are limits to what even maintenance can do. If you leave an AC running with a malfunction that’s increasing the strain, it will age much faster. You might end up having to replace the system early, and that’s the most expensive “repair” possible!

So if you think you need air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN or elsewhere in our wide service area, call us up—no matter how close you think the cool weather is.

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