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End of the Dog Days of Summer: Time to Think about Fall Maintenance!

sleeping dog

We’re nearing the close of the “Dog Days of Summer.” The moment I started to think about writing my next post, I wondered, “Hey, what does ‘Dog Days of Summer’ even mean?” Most people think it means it’s the time of the year when it grows so hot that dogs lie around lazily panting all the time. However, that didn’t sound right to me—I lay around and pant all year!—so I did some research.

It turns out, I was right. The phrase comes to us from the ancient Greeks. Late July is the period when the constellation group Sirius (The Dog) comes up over the horizon just before dawn. The Greeks referred to these days, usually the hottest of the year, as “dog days” because of Sirius. The phrase made it to English eventually, and people have been making up stories about the meaning ever since.

But the dog days are going to come to an end soon, along with the hot weather, and that means it’s time to start thinking of “The Maintenance Days of Fall!” (There isn’t an HVAC constellation, however, so you’ll just have to go with a normal calendar for this.)

Yes, It’s Already Time to Consider Fall Maintenance

Don’t think of fall heating maintenance as a chore: it’s an opportunity! You do so much good for your home’s heating system when you have our professionals give it a good inspection, tune-up, and cleaning in time for the first change of the weather.

  • Advanced warning for repairs: If our team finds something is wrong with your heater, you’ll know about it in time to have repairs done. There’s little chance you’ll be caught unprepared when the cold weather arrives because your heating system has a malfunction.
  • Improved energy efficiency: A heating system will start to cost more to run if it misses annual maintenance, usually around 5% more. When you stay current with maintenance, you stop your winter bills from rising unnecessarily.
  • Reduce the chance of a breakdown: The last thing you want to happen during the coldest part of winter is to have your furnace or other heating system suddenly stop working. Although there’s always a chance this might occur, it’s highly unlikely if the system received regular maintenance in fall. Once you’ve gotten this job done, you can feel relaxed about making it through the upcoming winter.
  • Give the heater a long service life: Here’s the big long-term benefit of keeping up with fall heating maintenance—the heater will last longer. Without regular inspections and tune-ups, a heating system may not even make it to half its expected service life. Regular maintenance will also help keep the warranty current.
  • Safety: Our technicians will check to see your heating system runs at its safest.

To arrange for your annual heating maintenance in Loudon, TN and the surrounding areas, contact us to sign up for our maintenance program: The Comfort Club. You receive more than a heating tune-up each fall when you sign up for the Comfort Club. You’ll also have spring AC maintenance, discounts on repairs, no overtime charges, 24-hour emergency service, and priority status.