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The Most Common Summer AC Repairs

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This is one of the busiest times of the year for me. True, I’m not the one who’ll actually take on the work of fixing your air conditioner when it’s in trouble (I may be knowledgeable about HVAC equipment, but I have this “no thumbs” thing that makes it hard for me to hold tools). But it’s the high days of summer when people need my advice the most. Nobody wants to get trapped in a hot house when their air conditioner fails! If I can give them some helpful advice to watch for potential repair issues before they get worse, then I’ll have done my important Service Dog work.

Three Big Summer AC Repair Problems

Because an air conditioner is a complicated refrigeration system, there are many potential repair issues. The three below are the ones I find happen the most often in the boiling hot summers. Knowing about them so you can keep a watch for when they start is the second best way to deal with them. (I’ll get to the first way later.)

ONE: Clogged Condensate Lines

Are you noticing water puddling around your indoor unit? That’s not normal—you want this trouble fixed ASAP. Usually, a “leaky” air conditioning needs cleaning to clear out the condensate line, which is where the AC drains away the moisture it collects from the air while it runs. As you can imagine, in our humid climate this is a lot of moisture, so condensate line problems are common. We include AC cleaning to keep condensate lines clear as part of our regular maintenance service.

TWO: Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes I feel that my main goal as an HVAC Expert Dog is having to explain what refrigerant is, how it works, and why “topping off” refrigerant isn’t normal. Here’s the big takeaway for refrigerant: it’s the chemical blend necessary to allow the AC to move heat out of a home, it must stay at a set level in the AC, and when it leaks, the leak has to be repaired first. Simply putting more refrigerant into the system won’t fix it and may actually make the trouble worse. If you notice your air conditioner can’t “keep up” with the summer heat, leaking refrigerant is a strong possibility. Let our experts find out what’s happening and the best way to repair it.

THREE: Component Failure

An air conditioner is made up of numerous smaller components such as fans, motors, capacitors, etc. When a component starts to fail—or completely fails—you’ll start to notice odd noises such as clicking and grinding. Or perhaps your AC isn’t providing sufficient cooling … or providing any cooling at all! Our technicians can either repair the components or replace them, whatever the best route is.

My Best Advice for Repairs: Stop ‘Em before They Start!

So what’s the first best way to deal with AC repair issues? It’s a simple one: schedule regular maintenance appointments with Russell & Abbott before you actually need any of these repairs. Nobody can guarantee 100% repair prevention, but regular maintenance is your best bet as a homeowner that you’ll weather a hot summer without any sweltering surprises.

Of course, you can always depend on us when you need to have air conditioning repairs in Alcoa, TN or elsewhere in our area. You can contact us for all your cooling needs. Be sure to visit and read our customer reviews. Your friends and neighbors give us 4.6 stars. That’s no surprise, since we place a premium on professionalism and training, and we’ve been a part of this community for more than four decades.

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