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The Variable-Speed Compressor Air Conditioner: Why I Like It!


Ah, spring… when people’s thoughts turn to air conditioning. And as a professional HVAC dog, my thoughts turn to air conditioning as well. Even though we may still have some cold days left ahead of us, the warm months are just over that next hill, so now is the time to dedicate some serious thinking to how you can enjoy the best cooling.

Sometimes, the best cooling involves putting in a new air conditioner. Even if that aging AC in your home still is able to do its job, there are some great advances in cooling technology that make the current line of air conditioners better than ever. We offer some of the finest in advanced residential air conditioning, and our team here offers the finest in installing systems.

Variable-speed compressors in air conditioners

I’d like to look at one air conditioning advance in particular that I really like: the variable-speed compressor. I know that’s not exactly a “peppy” name, but it’s an accurate one, and once I explain to you what it actually does, you’ll see why it’s a great idea.

The compressor in an AC is the heart of the system: it’s where the chemical refrigerant is placed under pressure and its temperature raised so it circulates through the rest of the air conditioner. A standard compressor is either “on” or “off.” When it runs, it runs at only one speed.

Imagine that when you walk your dog, your dog always runs at top speed. That wouldn’t be an enjoyable walk for you—and even if your dog loves running, eventually she’ll be exhausted as well. Thankfully, dogs are “variable-speed walkers.” Why not have an air conditioner that can run the same way? The compressor in these air conditioners will operate at the exact speed necessary to match the comfort of your home, slowing down and speeding up as needed.

Here’s how this benefits you:

  • Precision temperature settings: A variable-speed compressor can keep the temperature closer to your settings—within a tenth of a degree—than a standard air conditioner. You won’t have to deal with uncomfortable temperature swings.
  • Reduced energy use: When the compressor doesn’t have to run at the highest setting all the time, the air conditioner will use less energy. You should see a reduction on your summer air conditioning bills.
  • Quieter operation: The compressor makes much less noise when in lower-power mode. This is a relief even for humans, who don’t have ears as sensitive as mine.
  • Long lifespan: Less stress on the compressor… that means less wear and tear and a longer system life.

If you’re on the fence about replacing your current AC, give our professionals a call and find out more about the advanced Trane products we offer and how they can improve your home’s cooling this summer.

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