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When Is It Time to Replace My Furnace?


Did you know that the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you consider replacing your furnace if it’s more than 15 years old? It’s true, and this isn’t just because a furnace with plenty of year on it will run a bigger risk of shutting down abruptly on you during a cold day. It’s also because the technology behind furnaces has advanced enough in the last 15 years that a new furnace will be far more energy-friendly than your current furnace was even when it was new!

That’s my first piece of advice as your friendly neighborhood heating and cooling dog: If you’ve got a furnace that’s more than a decade and half old, then it’s time for a change! (And as the winter is starting to wind down, you’ll soon have a very convenient time to arrange for that replacement. Seize the moment.) You can teach and old dog new tricks, no matter what some folks say. But you can’t teach an old furnace new tricks!

Age isn’t everything of course. There are some other reasons you should start thinking about replacing a furnace:

  • It’s costing a more to run than it once did: A furnace will start to decline in energy efficiency during the last two years of its life. So when those heating bills are rising… it usually mean the furnace is starting to fail.
  • It’s really noisy: Dogs will hear this noise before you do, but when those rattling noises are disturbing everyone in your home when the furnace is running, it’s best to have a new one put in.
  • It has to be repaired too often: Just like everyone here at MK Russeell & Abbott, I love to be of service whenever someone needs heating repair work. But let’s be reasonable: if you are calling us all the time because the furnace keeps breaking down on you, then the next call should be to ask us to replace it.

You can rely on MK Russell & Abbott for great furnace replacement service in Maryville and Loudon, TN. And you can still take advantage of the Trane Winter Special: 0% APR for 5 Years. Hurry, the offer expires on March 15.