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Yes, We’re Cool Dudes (Or at Least We Can Keep You Cool!)


You may have seen our recent ads featuring us “Cool Dudes” all perched on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Hopefully, you realize that we don’t really think we’re cool and we don’t take ourselves seriously—except when it comes to keeping you cool and comfortable.

The hottest days (and nights) of the summer are still looming ahead of us. If you’ve been thinking about scheduling an air conditioning repair or a complete system replacement, right now is the best time to give us a call and arrange for it. With our favorable financing terms, you won’t have to sweat the money part. You can have a new air conditioning system installed in your house for as little as $72 a month. You can even pre-qualify online when you go to

Don’t get taken for a ride! Installing a new air conditioning system or keeping an older one running is some serious business, and everyone on our team treats each job with the seriousness that it deserves. We’re all dedicated to making sure that you have the best new system for your home if you need one, or the exact right type of repair that will get a faltering AC back to work.

So when you need to cool out in your house, call the #1 heating/air company in Blount County that offers both industry expertise and a sense of humor! Go to our website and click on the About Us tab to meet me and the other MK Russell & Abbott team members whose mission is to keep you and your family comfortable. I’d like to especially draw your attention the beautiful young lady with the short black coat and velvet ears who’s listed first on the Meet the Team page, ahem.

Stay Cool,