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Did You Know? There’s a Red Cross Pet First Aid App!


I don’t know if I can truly say, “You read it here first, faithful Olive fans!” when it comes to this news. But if you are reading it here first, and you’re a pet owner, then you’ll be excited to hear that the Red Cross now has available for upload a Pet First Aid app. With this app, you can take even better care of your beloved cats and dog and other non-human family members.

What does this app actually do?

  • First Aid Advice: There are many common pet emergencies, and the app provides instant advice and information on how to take care of them. Remember, this is coming from the Red Cross, making it much more reliable than something you might pull randomly off the Web.
  • Find the nearest emergency animal hospital: No matter where you are, you can pull up the app to quickly locate where to take your animal for emergency medical needs. And for those non-emergency times, the app can also locate pet-friendly hotels. (Personally, I think all hotels should be pet-friendly, but nobody has asked my advice on this. They should.)
  • Pet profile: Store tag ID, a photo, and medical information for your pet.
  • Emergency preparedness tips: How to include your pet in your emergency preparedness plan.
  • Preventive care: The app includes an early warning sign-checker to help you prevent health emergencies, as well as to tell you when you should contact a veterinarian.
  • Medication help: Sorry to bring this up, but sometimes pets just don’t like taking medicine. The app offers advice for making it easier for you and your pet.
  • Fun stuff: This app has some lighter features that will help you understand your pets better. You can test your pet knowledge with interactive quizzes that let you earn badges to share on social networks.

If you live with pets, it’s my wise canine advice to download this app today. My two-legged family means a lot to mean, and I know your four-legged family means a lot to you!

Getting help keeping your four- and two-legged family members cool during the summer is as easy as uploading an app: simply call MK Russell & Abbott in Maryville, TN!