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3 Air Conditioning Repair Signs to Watch for in Early Summer


If your air conditioning system has already had its annual spring inspection and tune-up from a professional, then it should be in the best shape to handle the rigors of the coming summer. (If you haven’t schedule maintenance, do so as soon as possible.) But no AC is infallible, no matter what level of care it receives. As your air conditioner settles in for the summer workload, make sure that you watch for any possible signs that it isn’t operating as well as it should. That way you can have professional repairs done before the summer can grow any hotter.

3 early warning signs from an air conditioner

  • Ice along the evaporator coils: People often dismiss the appearance of ice on an air conditioner as just a normal consequence of the cooling process. But it isn’t: ice should never appear on an AC if the system is working correctly. When you discover ice on the evaporator coils, call for repairs right away. The frost could indicate leaking refrigerant, dirt on the coils, or other major problems. (And you can’t solve the trouble by scraping off the ice; you might even damage the coil if you attempt it.)
  • Loud operation: If you notice loud grinding and screeching noises as the compressor in the condenser comes on, it is your air conditioner telling you there is a significant mechanical trouble occurring somewhere. Damage to the compressor is one of the most expensive problems to repair in an air conditioner, so make sure you have any warning noises investigated before the malfunction affects the compressor itself.
  • Low airflow from the vents: When the air coming from the room vents starts to feel weaker than normal, it can point to a variety of issues. You should first change or clean the air filter, but if that doesn’t improve the airflow, there may be trouble with the blower fan or leaks in the ventilation system. This requires the work of a professional to fix.

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