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3 Benefits of Installing Zone Control for Your Air Conditioning


What is a zone control system? It’s a way of dividing up your home into different air conditioning “zones” (usually separate rooms, although sometimes just the upstairs and downstairs) that can be controlled separately from each other. The standard central AC cools down the whole house each time it comes on, sending air to each room vent. With zone control, dampers close off sections of the ductwork so that certain rooms won’t receive conditioned air. Local thermostats control the dampers, and these thermostats network into a central control panel.

Why should you consider installing a system like this? Here are three benefits you will receive:

I. Lower utility bills

Does every room in your home need to be cooled down each time the AC comes on? Probably not. There will usually be a few unoccupied rooms, such as guest bedrooms. Putting in zone control means that you never need to waste energy cooling down empty rooms, and that will translate into significant savings on your electric bills.

II. Personalized comfort

If members of your household are often at odds over what temperature to set the thermostat, a zone control system is a great way to restore peace. Each person can manipulate the temperature in the zone where they are at (like their own rooms) to suit their needs.

III. Climate control to match room use

Rooms in a house have different temperature needs depending on what they are used for. A kitchen or a home gym will need extra cooling, while an infant’s room will benefit from a warmer environment. You can set each room to receive the appropriate level of air conditioning for it thanks to zone control.

The best time to have zone control put in is during new installation of an HVAC system. However, you can also contact professionals to retro-fit your existing HVAC system for the advantages of zone control.

If you want to know more about zone control, call MK Russell & Abbott in Maryville, TN today.