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Knoxville, TN Furnace Services

At Russell & Abbott we live by the values of trustworthiness, friendliness, and reliability. It’s why so many local homeowners come back to us for furnace services and their other heating and cooling needs in Knoxville and the surrounding areas.

Furnaces are the backbone of heating for most homes, and you can depend on us to handle furnace installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Give us a whistle—we’ll come running.

Contact us today for furnace services in Maryville, Knoxville, Alcoa, Blount County, Knox County, and Loudon County!

Knoxville Furnace Installation and Furnace Replacement Options

There are lots of other options available for whole home heating today. We recommend furnaces to many homeowners looking for a relatively inexpensive way to heat an entire home. As long as you have a working set of ducts in the home, a new furnace should deliver lasting comfort. However, you do have to make a couple of important decisions before scheduling service. We recommend working with one of our Comfort Advisors to decide whether a gas or electric furnace is right for you. You’ll also need an expert to make some calculations and ensure your new furnace is sized properly for the home.

Gas Furnaces

Natural gas is affordable and readily available to most homeowners. For those homeowners with an available natural gas line, a gas furnace is the top option as these furnaces can heat a room quickly and use little energy to do so.

Electric Furnaces

An electric furnace is a great alternative for those without access to a natural gas line. It is also a safe choice for those worried about the potential (though unlikely) dangers of gas appliances, and they may even last longer than gas models.

We Provide FAST Furnace Repairs and Maintenance

Furnace Repairs: There are several signs that you should pay attention to which may indicate that it’s time to call a technician for furnace repairs. Any problem with your heating system, small or large, deserves attention as soon as possible to restore your desired level of heating and to keep parts from failing any further than they already have. When parts are not working as well as they should, the entire system has to work harder to compensate, which means parts can become worn down and other components may begin to fail.

Furnace Maintenance: No furnace is perfect, but you can help keep your furnace in top shape by scheduling regular furnace maintenance. During maintenance, a technician will make some key adjustments that can help to keep your unit in top shape for the rest of the heating season. Maintenance can even lower your monthly bills, as the parts run more smoothly and take less time to heat up the home to the desired temperature.

Schedule Furnace Services in Knoxville, TN

Each member of our team of professional heating technicians has years of experiencing installing and servicing furnaces (both gas furnaces and electric furnaces). We can replace your older furnace with a new high efficiency system to help you save money over time and to reduce your home’s environmental impact. We custom–design new furnaces to your home’s specifications. Additionally, our experts can detect problems quickly and know the best methods to repair any heating issue. Call our team today!

Be sure to ask about our ONYX systems! All ONYX systems come with our special "10-10-10" warranty. You get a 10-year warranty on parts (no exceptions), a 10-year warranty on labor, and 10 years of maintenance at no additional cost to you. The warranty is transferable if you sell your house, and if you move to a new home in our service area, you can keep the unused portion of maintenance for a new system. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians today.