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You Can Never Know Too Much About Furnace Maintenance

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If you follow my blog (and hey, thanks!), then you know one of my favorite fall topics is furnace maintenance. I don’t do this just because I find it interesting—although I do—but because few parts of the job our team at Russell & Abbott do are more important for the comfort and safety of our clients than regular furnace maintenance.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Actually Do?

Plenty! The gas furnaces built today are durable and have high safety standards. Our own Onyx equipment is a good example of this.

But any heating system suffers from wear over the years, and this wear increases the chance of higher bills, repairs, and even a system developing hazards. The whole point of maintenance is to prevent all of these by inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting the furnace each year. An HVAC professional knows what to look for in a gas furnace that might require repairs. For example, checking the heat exchanger for cracks is an essential step to keeping a furnace from leaking harmful carbon monoxide.

The basic cleaning and tune-up steps are crucial for getting the best performance from a furnace—both heating output and energy efficiency. A technician will clean off burners and change out the electronic ignition system if necessary. And since even gas furnaces rely on electrical components, a technician makes sure all the wires and connections are tightened and not starting to corrode. If motors need cleaning and lubrication, a technician will see this work is done as well.

The Most Important Thing to Know: Our Comfort Club

Not all professional maintenance is equal. I’ve talked about “Chuck in a Truck” before—the HVAC fellow whose only qualification for the job is “has a truck.” Chuck can advertise a super cheap furnace maintenance job, and Chuck will then deliver a super cheap maintenance job. The worst kind of cheap! Run down a checklist and always find something wrong—that’s how Chuck makes a buck. He has to find something wrong, and the furnace won’t even get the service it needs!

The Alcoa, TN furnace maintenance service you need to know about is our Comfort Club. Signing up provides you with furnace maintenance in fall and air conditioning maintenance in spring. Our technicians always do a combustion analysis for a furnace, and this isn’t something every contractor offers. This helps keep a furnace operating as safely as possible, and we’re proud to offer this level of protection to our customers along with all the other important steps of furnace maintenance.

The Comfort Club has extra benefits as well. Because we like you, our Comfort Club includes:

  • Priority customer status—jump to the front of the line!
  • A 15% discount on repair services (excludes diagnostic fees)
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • No overtime charge (except holidays)
  • Agreement is transferrable if you sell your home

We’re ready to talk to you about the details of our Comfort Plan and get you set up with the furnace maintenance that’ll take care of your family for the winter.

Stay warm,