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Let’s Talk About a Furnace That’s Just Too Noisy

Loud Noise

Who likes noise in their house? I’m not talking about the sounds of a busy household—we all expect that type of noise. Even as a dog, with my super-hearing, I can adjust to kids and raucous game nights.

But you can always ask people in your house to lower their voices when it gets too loud. What if there’s a piece of equipment in the house that’s making far too much noise, and it’s not something you can shut off when you get tired of it? As you can tell from the title of my blog, I’m talking about a noisy furnace. When it’s cold outside, you don’t have the option to shut off a loud furnace. A noisy furnace also isn’t something to ignore, since it can mean that you need to call for furnace repairs ASAP or your furnace needs to be replaced.

What Kind of Noise Is the Furnace Making?

When you say you have a “noisy” furnace, it’s important to narrow it down. Is the furnace making a particular noise you haven’t heard before? Or is the furnace creating a general racket you can’t pin down except to say “the furnace is making too much noise”?

In the first case, the noise often warns of a repair problem. Some possibilities:

  • Rattling: This often indicates a loose part in the blower fan that must be repaired. It may also be a simple case of an unlatched furnace door.
  • Shrieking: Mechanical shrieking comes from the bearings in a motor wearing down. If the bearings wear down entirely, the motor will burn out, leading to an expensive motor replacement. Shut off the furnace and call us for repairs to replace the bearings, which is a less costly repair.
  • Grinding: When a motor is burning out, you’ll hear this sound. Turn off the furnace entirely before calling for repairs. You may also notice an acrid burning smell from the vents.
  • Clicking: When you hear this as the furnace starts up, it means the burners are struggling to light. If this sound comes after the blower fan shuts off during the heating cycle, it may mean a cracked heat exchanger—which is a potentially hazardous situation that needs repairs right away.
  • Booming: This sudden woosh of noise as the furnace starts up means a buildup of combustion gas igniting all at once from a delayed burner ignition.

The Big Noise That Won’t Stop

If the furnace is an all-around noisemaker, this is one of the biggest warning signs the whole system needs a replacement. If the furnace is more than 10 years old, excessively noisy operation is a warning the heater is getting close to a full breakdown. Call our technicians for heating service in Knoxville, TN to find out if we can salvage the furnace with cost-effective repairs. If repairs are too pricey, you’ll need a new furnace. Trust our team to ensure you end up with the right new unit and it’s put in place fast.

Stay warm,