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Olive, How Do I Know if It’s Time for a New AC?

Broken Air Conditioning

This is one of the best questions you can ask me! A big part of keeping your home consistently and affordably comfortable is knowing when it’s time to say “goodbye” to your current AC and have a great new AC installation in Knoxville, TN

Sometimes you can repair a faulty AC and keep it going for a few more years. We won’t try to sell you equipment you don’t need so when you work with our professional team, we’ll always be honest with you about when this is the most cost-effective route. We will also be honest about when it’s better to replace your AC and get a fresh start.  We want you to Live Worry-Free!

We are here to help you make the best decision possible, so we have listed some ways below to help you tell if it’s time to replace your AC.

1. The age of your AC

I’ve written before about the myth that you need to get a new AC every 10 years. Most AC systems, if they have regular maintenance, can last up to 15 years. After 15 years is when you need to keep a closer eye on your air conditioner’s performance because it’s the point when age can overwhelm even the best cared-for cooling system.

2. A steady rise in cooling costs

You can expect a rise in your annual cooling costs based on the price of electricity. However, if your summer electric bills are rising faster than anticipated, it can often be a warning that the AC is coming to the end of its service life. An AC, on average, will keep 95% of its original energy efficiency until the last 1–2 years of its service life. So, when you have an older air conditioner that’s costing more and more to run, it probably means it’s in those final years.

3. The AC is making noise

An AC system shouldn’t make distracting noises when you’re indoors. A single strange noise may mean the AC just needs a repair. However, an air conditioner that’s generally making too much noise is probably on its way out.

4. Uneven cooling

The living, kitchen, and dining rooms are all nice and cool but some of the bedrooms feel much warmer. This is an example of uneven cooling and it’s often an early warning sign of an AC that is losing cooling capacity. It won’t take long before all the rooms are too hot.

5. Too many repairs

We are always happy to fix your AC but you shouldn’t need us to fix it every year. When you are needing to do costly repairs too often, that’s when a replacement may be the best choice.

Live worry-free,