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Cheap AC Repair Offers? You’ll Get Cheap Quality as Well!


Have you ever heard this saying before? “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” That was written by none other than Benjamin Franklin, quite a wise man. He listed “an old dog” as one of the most faithful of friends, so I’m bound to trust his word on most things. And when he’s talking about poor quality from poor price, I understand exactly what he means—because everyone here at Russell & Abbott knows how much a cheap HVAC service can end up costing someone. It’s not just about feeling bitter. It’s about feeling too hot or too cold because you got low-quality AC service.

Watch Out for “Too Good to Be True” HVAC Price Offers

I don’t think Benjamin Franklin originally said “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” But he might have, and he’d be right. This is why I remind my readers that when they get approached for a “great deal” on an HVAC service, they should be suspicious. 

In most cases, if you have a “contractor” approach you to provide a home service at a cut-rate price, you’re probably looking at a bait-and-switch deal, and you’ll end up with the bad end of the deal. The reason a person can advertise at a low cost is because the actual cost is hidden in the switch. These so-called contractors work on commission, so it’s almost guaranteed that if you call them to inspect your HVAC system, they’ll find something wrong. These people are banking on customers not knowing much about things like air conditioning repair in Loudon, TN so they can make up almost anything and stick their own price on it, assuming they won’t be called out on it. 

I understand that it’s easy to feel afraid that you’ll lose your AC right when you need it the most, so people pulling a bait-and-switch can get you to agree to anything to fix the “problem.” But there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. Any contractor who tells you not to get one is someone you don’t want to be dealing with. 

Cheap Prices Usually Means Cheap Service

Even if your air conditioner does have a problem, you don’t want someone with cut-rate pricing to handle the work. Here’s another dirty secret of most of these “contractors”: they make money off doing things fast and at little cost to them. They just want to slap a quick repair on a machine and move on to the next customer. You can expect these people to drive around the corner and you’ll never see them again—especially if the AC repair only holds for a few days!

We’re Professionals—We Offer Value!

At Russell & Abbott, we take pride in our work and in earning the trust of our customers. We make a living because we do what we claim to do and we always put the customer first. We’ve worked for 40 years in the community because people know they can trust us for honest assessments and “the sweetness of high quality” (I’m doing some Ben Franklin paraphrasing, I hope he doesn’t mind.)

Stay cool,