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It’s That Time of Year: Evaluate Your Ac’s Performance


September is when I break out one of my old chestnut topics—but it’s a perennial topic for good reasons! The same way I make sure my good readers and Russell & Abbott customers know they need to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Knoxville, TN each spring, I want you all to know that the start of fall (this week!) is a time to size-up how your air conditioning system performed over the summer.

No, I don’t want you to open the cabinet of your AC and look at it. Leave repairs to our pros. What I want you to do is ask questions about how well the central air conditioner did its job through the hottest months of the season. This will help you with future planning. And those plans may involve getting a new AC!

Did you need to call us for repairs this summer?

If you did, you made the right call! Whenever you have doubts about your air conditioner, the best choice is to get honest and skilled professionals (yep, that’s us) to examine it and see if it needs to be fixed.

However, if you needed a summer repair, and your air conditioner is getting up there in age (10 years or more), I recommend you keep tabs on the AC’s performance and whether it requires repairs every year. You shouldn’t need annual repairs, because that will soon cost you more than purchasing a new system. We’ll tell you if we think a single repair is too expensive to be worth it.

Hey, how old is your AC?

Oh, while I’m on this topic, make sure you know how old your AC is. You’ll find it on the plate on the back of the condenser. If it’s not there, write down the serial number and call us. We can use those numbers to find out its age. If the AC is more than 10 years old, be cautious about future malfunctions because your air conditioner is getting up there in years. And if it’s more than 15 years—hey, fall is a great time to get a new air conditioner!

Did you pay too much to run the AC this summer?

I’ll bet a bag of my favorite doggie treats that you were indoors more this summer than usual. You can expect to have a higher bill for running the air conditioner than usual. But you can probably tell if the amount is too much. Enough to make you rummage through other bills to make sure you can believe what you’re seeing. The high bills are a major warning that the air conditioner is either malfunctioning or ready to retire. We can help you find out what the situation is.

How reliable is your AC?

Ask yourself: do you trust that your air conditioner will turn on and keep the house cool whenever you need it? If you hesitate when answering, you have doubts about how much you can rely on the air conditioner. A working AC should be something you don’t have to think about. When you do start thinking about it, you may need our help. You may not be able to rely on your AC, but you can rely on us.

Stay cool,