Questions to Ask if You Think You Need a New AC

Broken Air Conditioning

I know that a heat wave is the last time when you want to worry about having new air conditioning in Maryville, TN. But when it’s hot here, it’s hot, and having an air conditioning installation isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!

If you’re right now in the spot where you think it may be time for a new air conditioner, I encourage you to put some serious thought into it, and as soon as possible. Our team is here to help, but as much as I would love to develop canine mind-reading powers, none of us here will know you need our help until you ask for it! I’ve put a list below of some important questions to ask yourself when it looks like you may need an air conditioning replacement. If you have any uncertainties you can’t answer yourself, please call us. We can offer professional analysis and opinions that will start you off on a solution.

“How old is my air conditioner?”

You can answer this question by looking at the plate on the outdoor condenser, which should have a manufacture date. If it doesn’t, type the serial number into the computer search engine and you’ll also get an answer. Is the AC more than 15 years old? Then you’re getting into replacement territory, and keep that in mind with the next questions.

“Have I been good about regular maintenance?”

Please, please be honest with yourself about this! I’m not your high school teacher, I’m not going to give you a bad grade if you haven’t kept up with regular maintenance each year. I don’t need to, because lack of maintenance brings its own problems. If you aren’t a member of our Comfort Club and haven’t received annual spring tune-ups for your AC, your system is probably older than its actual years—such as a 10-year-old system that acts like a 15-year-old system! An early replacement is one of the effects of a lack of maintenance.

“Does my AC run on R-22 refrigerant?”

This is an outdated refrigerant blend and HVAC technicians are no longer allowed to put more R-22 into units. The plate on the outdoor unit will list the refrigerant type, and if your air conditioner is an R-22 unit, not only is it too old to keep, but it may be impossible to repair. This is an automatic reason for getting a new system.

“Is my house as comfortable as it should be?”

A hotter house, a more humid house? You shouldn’t accept less than the best comfort from your air conditioner. If it’s not delivering that for you, trying to “scrape by” with lower settings on the thermostat is only putting you in greater danger of having a fully busted system. Call our technicians to see if repairs can salvage the unit. If they can’t do a cost-effective repair, they’ll tell you.

Once again, I want to assure you that our team is here to help. Serving the community is what we do. When you have doubts about keeping your family cooled down during the summer, we can answer your questions and chart the best way forward. It’s what we do best!

Stay cool,


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