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Olive’s All-Important Fall Reminder That Heating Maintenance Is Great!

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There’s so much I love about fall. And I probably love big piles of leaves the most! There’s nothing like running and jumping into a crisp stack of red and yellow leaves and rolling around in them. Plus, I adore the crisp weather. It’s ideal dog weather, the right balance for having a shiny black coat.

Here’s something else that I love in fall—heating maintenance. You probably think I’m a bit nuts to say that because heating maintenance sounds like it’s a chore. And who likes chores?

But here’s the good news. When you rely on our Knoxville, TN, HVAC professionals for your heating maintenance, we take over the “chore” part. You won’t have to do anything but call us. It’s so easy. And once we’re done, you’ll see all the benefits that make fall heating maintenance great.

My Case for the Greatness of Heating Maintenance

My straightforward case for why fall heating maintenance is the most important service we offer:

  • Longer Equipment Life! You never want to replace valuable equipment years before you should. It’s expensive and wasteful. Maintenance is the surest way to see your furnace or other heater enjoys the longest possible service life. Without maintenance, you may only get half the years from your heater that you deserve.
  • Peace of Mind! There’s no price tag you can put on the serenity of knowing the heater in your home will come on whenever your family is cold. Our maintenance experts thoroughly tune-up the system and catch problems early so you won’t have to fret about the heater breaking down at the worst time.
  • Safety! Gas furnaces are the most common type of heater in our area. There is a potential safety risk with any gas-powered system, but routine maintenance drops the chance of danger to nearly nothing. Our inspections will find any area of your furnace that needs attention in order to keep your household safe.
  • Save Money! A heater kept in good shape runs smoothly and uses less energy. Skipping maintenance means a dirty, worn-down heater that sucks away extra power and raises bills. When you stick with maintenance, you’ll keep your bills under control and keep money in the bank.
  • Environmentally Responsible! When you cut down on energy use, you save more than money. You’re helping save the environment by cutting down on fossil fuel use. Heating maintenance helps you do your part to conserve our important natural resources.

The Comfort Club Makes Greatness Even Greater!

Joining an HVAC maintenance club is the easiest way to have regular heating and air conditioning maintenance done. Our Comfort Club goes even farther and offers you extra benefits. It’s our way of saying “Thanks!” to our loyal customers. These bonus benefits include:

  • Priority customer status—you’re at the top of the list when you need help
  • 20% discount on repairs (excludes diagnostic fee)
  • No overtime charges (except holidays)
  • The agreement is transferrable if you sell your home

Just give a call to join the Comfort Club if you haven’t already.

Stay warm,