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A List of the Best Thermostat Settings (For All Purposes)


Hey everybody, I’m here to talk about a favorite topic: easy steps you can take to improve home comfort and energy savings. I often write about the big problems, like busted furnaces and what can happen if you don’t schedule routine HVAC maintenance. But this really is a straightforward method that can make big improvements. It’s straightforward, people often overlook it …

… and it’s learning how to best set and adjust your thermostat!

Plenty of Thermostat Options

Modern thermostat technology is stunning, and even my dog paws have no trouble making changes and putting in programs on those new touch screens. However, you don’t need a top-of-the-line thermostat to enjoy great comfort without energy waste. In fact, we recommend you don’t attempt to make an upgrade to the fanciest “bells-and-whistles” comfort controls you can find online. Putting in the wrong thermostat can wreck your HVAC system! The tips I’ve got here you can do for any thermostat. (If you are interested in a new model, please talk to us and we’ll help you find an affordable and effective one that won’t harm your current HVAC system.)

Ideal Thermostat Settings for Any Occasion

First, the cold-weather settings—the ones we’re about the deal with:

  • Daytime When You’re Home: 68° is ideal. If this sounds too chilly, I recommend you raise the temperature a few degrees, then gradually lower it by a degree per day until everyone gets used to 68°. This is the best temperature for winter energy savings.
  • Nighttime When Everyone’s Asleep: Drop down to 66°. The set point for your body temperature lowers when you’re trying to fall asleep, so lowering the temperature a bit can help you get to sleep easier. (Bet you didn’t know that!)
  • Temperature When Your Away: 55° to 60°. Yes, please keep your heating system on when you’re away since it helps stop pipe freeze and damage to your house. But you only need the heater to come on occasionally, so go for this lower temperature. It’ll also be easier for you to warm the house again when you come back.

Summer is a ways off, but here are the settings to know for when the hot weather returns.

  • Daytime When You’re Home: 78° is the energy-saving setting, and as with the winter-time setting, you can raise the temperature a degree a day to get used to it.
  • Nighttime When Everyone’s Asleep: An 8° raise to 86° is effective during the evening.
  • Temperature When You’re Away: 85° to 88°. Heavy heat and humidity in our area can be trouble for a house and many devices in it, so you’ll want to have the house cool down when it gets too

Finally, here’s a special one that I requested go on this list.

  • Best Temperature for Pets: We have a good range for temperatures, with 64°F to 78° ideal for most of us. Going higher or lower during the day may make us uncomfortable—so keep that in mind when you’re on vacation.

When you need more serious help with winter comfort, such as heating repair in Knoxville, TN, remember:  Just Whistle and We’ll Come Running!

Stay Warm,