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Olive’s Tips for Making the Most of the End of Summer With Your AC

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September always sounds like it’s the fall. The summer months are June, July, and August, after all. But summer doesn’t officially end until the third week of September—and it’s not like the weather pays much attention to actual calendar dates anyway. My point is: we’re still enjoying warm and sometimes hot weather here in East Tennessee, and our air conditioning systems are going to keep doing steady post-Labor Day labor.

As a professional HVAC blogger dog, I’ve gotten to know air conditioners well over the last few summers. I have tips on how you can make the most of your AC during its “2018 September Farewell Tour” before it goes off on fall and winter vacation. Follow this advice to help the air conditioner system stay in good shape and keep your utility bills under control.

Please Remember to Change the Air Filter!

The end of the summer doesn’t mean you can forget about the HVAC air filter. I know I often bark about regular changes for this filter, but it’s something easy for homeowners to forget—and a clogged filter is one of the leading causes of energy waste with an air conditioner. If your AC is also in the same cabinet with the furnace (a standard set-up for central heating and cooling systems), the furnace uses the same filter, so no matter how much you think you’re going to run the air conditioner at the end of the season, you still must have a clean filter in place.

Keep the Outside Cabinet Clear

Have you looked at the air conditioner’s condenser recently? (That’s the outside cabinet, BTW.) If it’s covered with dirt, or there are branches, leaves, plants, or mulch around it, the AC will have a harder time releasing heat to the outside. This cuts into efficiency. Now is a good time to tidy up this part of the yard and make sure the cabinet has space on all sides so the air conditioner can work at its best.

Do Some Thermostat Re-Programming

I recommend finding an energy-saving program for your thermostat and sticking with it through the summer, with a daytime high around 78°F. At the end of the season, re-check the thermostat to make sure you’re still using energy-saving settings. You want to make some changes if the weather is cooling down a bit—or you may discover somebody in the household (not pointing my paw at anyone) has changed the settings without you knowing it.

Have Repairs Done Promptly, No Matter What

In other words, if you think there’s something wrong with your AC in September, don’t ignore the trouble because you soon won’t need the cooling system. The sooner any air conditioning repair gets done, the better. It prevents a potential emergency breakdown, stops a malfunction from worsening and creating a chain reaction damaging other parts of the AC, and protects the system from a shortened service life. Plus, you don’t want to start next year’s warm season by having to fix the AC right off the bat, do you? Just have any air conditioning repair in Loudon, TN done the moment you think you need it. Our team is ready to get the job done right!

Stay Cool,