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Hey Olive, What’s This “Onyx” Stuff?

onyx hardcore

If you’ve skimmed around my blog or maybe our site, you’ve probably noticed that I talk about “Onyx” a lot. I recommend it often. I don’t do that for just anything. For example, my taste in dog food runs to the high-quality canned food from specialty pet stores, not the discount cans from the supermarket that hardly have any meat in them. That’s not being ­picky—that’s just being a smart canine consumer and knowing what the best products are.

So what is “Onyx” and why do I recommend it?

Onyx the Rock

Onyx is a type of crystal formation similar to agate. It’s often black, but not exclusively. It has a long history of use in hardstone carvings going all the way back to ancient Egypt—or least, as far as we know. It was used to make bowls, jewelry, statuettes, and more. You can find entire floors of it fancy hotels around the world. It’s a fantastic stone because it’s durable (one of the toughest crystal formations in nature) and beautiful to look at.

Onyx the Excellent Comfort System

But I haven’t opened up a gemstone or jewelry business! The onyx I recommend is one of our Onyx Hardcore Comfort Heating and Cooling Systems. And you can only get Onyx equipment through us, because we designed them. That means we not only put all our HVAC experience with customers and finding the best ways to provide quality, energy-saving heating and cooling to homes, but that we also created Onyx equipment with the specific conditions of East Tennessee in mind. That’s a specialty you just can’t find with most national equipment. You can expect many years of service from your Onyx equipment with regular maintenance. And you can expect the best maintenance possible, because we know these systems inside and out!

There are different system types you can get, depending on your needs: a gas/electric split system, a heat pump split system, a heat pump packaged system, or a gas/electric packaged system. If the options seem a bit confusing to you as you read over them, don’t worry! It’s the job of our team to find the Onyx system that is the ideal match to your house. We take pride in our honest dealings, because our satisfied customers are our best referrals.

The 10-10-10 Warranty

All Onyx heating and cooling systems come with our exclusive 10-10-10 warranty. This means …

  • Maintenance: 10 Years
  • ALL Parts: 10 Years
  • Labor: 10 Years

And it’s all guaranteed. If your unit is registered and it fails, it’s covered—and there are no exceptions!

We’re available for whatever service you may need, from putting in a new Onyx system to fast furnace repair in Knoxville, TN and throughout our service area. And if you landed on this page because you were looking for some onyx jewelry, maybe consider having a new HVAC system installed while you’re at it!

Your rocksteady HVAC dog,