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Olive’s 5 Signs You May Already Need Heating Repairs

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It’s not too cold yet—at least not compared to what we’re going to get in the near future—and I know that you’ve turned on your home’s heating system a few times to make sure everybody is cozy and warm. Your furry pets may not need it (my thick black coat is comfort rated to 30°F), but unless you want to bundle up in a many heavy layers of clothes, you’ll need to have your furnace or other heating system giving you some level of heat.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read about my recommendations on scheduling heating maintenance during the fall. In fact, I started reminding you about this at the end of summer: it’s that important. If you haven’t done it, it’s still not too late! We haven’t hit the Big Cold yet, so make sure you’ve got the best Big Heat before it does.

I’ve had heating maintenance, Olive. So there’s should be nothing to worry about, right?

In a perfect world, yes. Of course, in a perfect world we wouldn’t need heating systems in the first place and all furniture would be made of chewable Naugahyde. (You humans probably wouldn’t agree on the last point.) We live in a world where even the best maintenance from a team as skilled and dedicated as ours at Russell & Abbott cannot guarantee that a complex piece of equipment such as a modern furnace or heat pump won’t run into a malfunction.

And right now, when it’s still not too cold, is when you should pay attention to anything that might be wrong with your heater. That way, you can call us to check it out and repair it (if necessary) before the problem becomes larger and you lose your heating during that really really cold day in January.

Here’s 5 signs to call us for heating repair

  • Cold spots in the house: Is there a room in your house that isn’t warming up the way you expect it to? First, make sure there isn’t heat escaping around a window and that the room vent is unblocked. If the room is still cold, it’s possible the heating system is starting to lose its heating power—especially if this is one of the rooms in the house most distant from the heater.
  • The heater is shaking, rattling, or rolling: If the heater is making a strange racket or odd noise you’ve never heard from it before, don’t ignore it!
  • A scary utility bill: When you look at the first utility bill you get after starting to use the heater and say “Yipes!” it’s something to look into. If your heating usage hasn’t increased, this is a warning something may be amiss with the heater.
  • The heater keeps shutting on and off: This is called short-cycling. The heater turns on, then turns off a short time later, then turns back on, and then off, and so on. There are many reasons this could happen, and some are serious threats to the heater. Have it checked out right away.
  • A circuit breaker trips: Your heating system should not trip the circuit breaker. (Yes, a gas furnace can do this; the blower fan uses electricity.) Once might just be a glitch. More than once, you may have heating system trouble.

If you’re in need of heating repair in Lenoir City, TN to make sure you enjoy the holidays, we are here to help you out! Contact us to arrange for those fixes before they get worse.