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The Cool Difference a Ductless AC Can Make


Ah, June. The time of year when thoughts of spring turn to thoughts of Oh wow it’s too hot and I think I need a better air conditioning system! Or maybe you’re only looking to improve your current AC, get rid of hot spots, adapt to renovations, etc. Whatever the case, the system that might be ideal for you is a ductless system.

Ductless cooling and heating has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently it started to enter homes in a big way. If you’re looking to make some cool changes to your house or business, I definitely give my paw print of approval to checking out going ductless.

How Ductless Cooling Works

I’ll provide the simplest explanation of how a ductless system works. (Believe me, when I put on my “Professor Olive” cap, I can get long-winded!) Ductless cooling and heating systems, often called mini splits, are reversible, two-way heat pumps that take heat energy from one place and then shift it to another by compressing and expanding refrigerant. If you’re thinking, “Wait, that’s how standard heat pumps and ACs work!” hold on, I’m getting to the “ductless” part. The outdoor unit, which is much like a standard heat pump outdoor unit, connects by a bunch of cables in refrigerant lines to one or more smaller indoor units mounted on walls in the house. The conditioned air comes straight from these units into the rooms. You can usually operate these wall units with a remote control.

How are ductless mini splits beneficial? Well…

  • They install quickly.
  • They’re versatile.
  • They’re easy to operate.
  • Maintenance on them is lower.
  • They don’t use as much energy as a conventional HVAC system.
  • They help eliminate pesky hot and cold spots in your home.

Where a Ductless Air Conditioner Can Make the Biggest Difference

Ductless systems aren’t for everyone, and our technicians will make certain whether installing one for you is the right choice. Below are a few of the places where ductless can really be a comfort MVP:

  • A home or an office with no ducts. Just because you live in an old house or your office wasn’t built with ductwork in mind doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great central heating and cooling. You don’t need those ugly and inefficient window units when you go ductless!
  • Additions or remodels where it would cost too much to add in new ducts.
  • Spaces where ducts are exposed to extreme temperatures, such as attics, sunrooms, and garages.
  • Rooms that aren’t used often. Why keep sending air through ducts to these rooms when they aren’t needed?
  • A luxury doghouse for me. (Ha, kidding! No I’m not.)

You don’t have to replace your entire HVAC system with a ductless one. As you can tell from reading above, a ductless mini split works well as an add-on to the current system to handle particular parts of the house.

Find Out More about Going Ductless

If you’re interested in a ductless air conditioning system in Knoxville, TN or elsewhere, we’re the people to contact. We offer financing options to make it easier!